Secret to Change

The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new ~Socrates

I think there were a lot of unwritten laws the people in the past knew about and just lived their life to. So many fascinating yet true quotes and stories came from our past. This one is one of the most simple, clear cut ways of thinking that truly work in our everyday life currently. How many of us wake up to our problems from yesterday? We re-hash what was said, done or not done. We talk negatively about it and still get ourselves all upset over it? Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it habit? Does it make us feel better?  Is it something we need to do all day long until the problem is resolved?

NOPE! We do not need to put ourselves through this anymore. If we already know our thoughts bring life to what we are thinking then why in the world would we want to bring more of the situation to life? Why would we wake up fresh on a new day and drag yesterday into a new day? Can you ignore the problem? Well we have been conditioned not to ignore, so that may not work if it is something that has to be done right now. Can we think clearly if we are mad or upset, no. Our thoughts are hindered chemically in our body and mind when we are distressed or upset. So that doesn’t really work either, so what are we suppose to do?

Change the perspective of the situation. For example, a family member of mine has about 25 life changing moments to deal with in what feels like each day. It does not look good nor does it look like it will get better in the next week. So what can she do? Well one thing is to get a notebook, on each page make a heading and then under that heading make a to do list. To not get personal I will use another example for headings here. Take fall/spring cleaning a house, one heading would be living room and put all the things you would like to do or repairs to make before weather starts to get bad in this column. You would do a page for each room with each room as your heading. Now getting back to the family member story, I made her 7 columns via text message that I knew needed to be completed and items I knew about in each column. I sat and thought wow, that is A LOT to try to get done, who can she trust to help her, and reassured it would not get all done today but try your best to knock out as much as possible each day. When you go to bed tonight instead of thinking of this massive list, instead celebrate what you did do today. You are so much further along than you were yesterday when you didn’t even have a definite plan. You can’t do a years worth of stuff in one day, let’s be realistic and we don’t beat ourselves up for getting this behind either. That does no good for anyone. I am a believer in problem solving, if there is a major problem, the answers lie within it and just keep going. You will see A LOT of progress in a short amount of time. The focus is not in the past it is on the present moment and ending result. If she keeps thinking about the past, how she got into the situation, you begin to feel very defeated. When you begin to get that feeling set in you tend to want to take the easy way out and that isn’t always the best way to resolve the issue. My grandma use to tell me if it is easy, really easy then it is probably not meant to have. Roll up your sleeves and get to work!! Focus on that future you want and live in that, keep your eye on the prize and work towards it. Even when things look really bad, there is always someone, somewhere else that is far worse if you need perspective on the situation.  That is one of the Universal laws, and these laws always apply to our lives whether we realize it or not.

So get your paper out, make some headings and separate them into columns and get to work. Here are some other examples, in work and you need more clients or sales start brainstorming. Of course most clients begin with a column of “get more people” ok that is a good start but let’s expand on this statement. How…. What are some ways you personally could get more people? How many more people do you need? Do you have a number? Is it 5 more people to get a bonus? Is it 15 every month to make your income you want to make? Being very specific is really helpful with you are playing with numbers. Then put down how many you are willing to approach daily to get this number of 15. Then how will you go about reaching out? Busy work, paper work will not help you make those contacts. You need to open up that beautiful mouth and start to talk to people. Put under that column to listen to a self help person that can help you with approach, verbiage, techniques. They all have webinars or YouTube channels that you can listen to as you are networking.  Have you created a blog for you business? How are you going about selling your product? Have you educated yourself on the power of social media? Really learned the game to increase your numbers in popularity to get the hits and interest sparked in you and your product?   You can do this with health, weight loss, toning your body, eating healthy, kids and their schedules, school and any other projects. Get that goal down on paper and start getting to work on it! YOU can do it! When we want change in our lives, we come up with a plan and go forward. Living in the past will not propel us forward in the way we want. Let go of yesterdays problems or upsets and move on today.  Today is a beautiful day and so much to live for!


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