Clear the Clutter Out

If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out a closet. Often it’s what we hold onto that holds us back. ~ Cheryl Richardson

I love that quote, it symbolizes so much in one sentence. If your perspective is not a deep as some you would literally take it as closet is cluttered so let’s go clean one out and you will see accomplishment that you did something (action step) and then you can go sit back down and wait for your dreams outside of that closet, outside of the room, outside of the house to manifest or come to you easier. Why? Because you did something, you did an action step today and saw results so therefore you are working with the law of attraction and something is bound to change and go your way. Right?

I remember thinking this early on in my learning, I was cleaning out each room, repainting walls, buying new stuff to go into my office area. Surely all this work in my newly painted amazing office will help me attract more clients, more money and new people in my life. As I sat taking a break in my new squishy office chair that reclined a little patting myself on the back because I only had one wall left, I had a thought. This thought came at the most perfect time, I sat there and told myself changing the wall colors, rearranging my space and adding new life in here isn’t going to really bring me what I want. The change in energy will help but the action steps of me getting out there in the world, in the sunshine, talking and asking questions is what is going to help me get to where I want to be and really help me do what I love and that is to help people. I sat and thought will this beautiful taupe wall with white trim help me attract the type of clients I would like to work with? Will it help me attract the relationships I seek? While Fung Shui does state to clear your energy in your space and raise its Chi, the actual action step isn’t in me changing the outside. It starts with me changing what’s on the inside of me.  Now I love change, I embrace it and look forward to new things and ways. I am not one to hide or run from change I think it adds so much to our lives. But for the changes and hard work I am doing on the outside to my space should have that much focus and action steps to change my beliefs on the inside too. If you are able to love someone so much then you are able to love yourself that way too. If you are able to problem solve for others on the outside then you are smart enough to problem solve on the inside of you too.

Symbolically clearing out the clutter in your closets really means, you are holding on to so much in your mind and body. If your outside area is cramped, dirty and cluttered than you have some area of your life that is that way too. So tackling that closet, clearing out clutter, reorganizing it, buying shelves or baskets for shoes to help make the area better looking and feel better when you look at it. You are starting the process of clearing out the clutter in your mind. After you do a closet sit down with a notebook and begin to write. Write about how you feel, you know the subject or area you are avoiding, begin to write about it. You may not have much at first but all those negative words or self talk you say to yourself that is exactly where you need to start. When you catch yourself saying those words to yourself, write them down. Keep a journal all day long. Then once you see what is going on inside your brain we can reword that negative self talk. When you catch your negative saying rephrase it into a positive and say it over and over 7 times to yourself. For example you catch yourself saying I’m no good at …… Catch yourself and say Thank you for sharing but I chose to believe that I am good at ….. and say I am good at….. over and over 7 times. Express gratitude for catching yourself and correcting yourself nicely. Gratitude that you now have peace with what has been bothering you.

Then go tackle another cluttered space and know that sometimes we have to clean and clear our outside space before we are ready to tackle the inside. Just make sure you do the inside your mind work too. Guilt, sadness, anger, fear and self doubt are huge clutter collectors. When I see someone with a ton of clutter in their cars or homes I know what questions to start to ask to help them.  We all do this, it’s an indicator that something much deeper is going on.



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