What’s Growing In Your Soil?

You can not live a creative life unless you are willing to deal with your fear.

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day and what she said really hit home with so many people I know. The conversation went something like this

I have hit a new low, a spiritual bottom that I didn’t think was possible. It is not like a rock bottom some people hit when they have done drugs or drink. It’s in my bones kind of bottom. Like the breathes I take now are shallow, dark, dirty, there isn’t any hope that a new will come around. I just feel hopeless that everything in my past, all the work I have done up until this moment was for nothing. Nothing is changing, nothing feels different and nothing on the outside (circumstances) are going in a new direction. I just really don’t know what to do. I have turned to God many times and prayed, I have asked for signs, new opportunities and nothing. It’s like nothing is being answered. So I have thrown down my crown and magic wand to the Universe, I have surrendered in a way I have never before. I am on my knees desperate for a change and I don’t know if it will.  I began to really feel her pain, I could identify with where she was coming from. She was not only comparing her life to mine and everyone else she looked up to she was losing hope that anything good could come to her. She asked for no free advice, she just wanted to vent and the only thing I said is now that you are at a rock bottom, now that you are ready to give up, know that this is when the miracle comes. In your darkest hour, when you lose all hope that things will not work out and you want to give up, hold on for a few more minutes. Usually this is when the magic starts. She sighed deeply and said thank you, and hung up. I could have said so much more but that is the most simply and best message I could get in before she had to go to her meeting.

While at her meeting, her gift came in the most unusual way. An associate of hers was talking about gratitude and how it made a huge difference in her life. Simple little things everyday brought about huge changes. Now my friend could have easily ignored her and walked on but she stayed and listened half heartedly. This other lady was explaining gratitude is like fertile soil. The kind of soil that we sink our feet into and it feeds our bones and soul. She knew her soil was depleted of many things good, instead it was full of sadness, fear and anger and it was zapping her energy everyday.

She knew in her heart this was the beginning of something new. She called me back after her meeting and asked me to help her think of creative ways to live with a grateful heart everyday. She wanted to wake up in the morning feeling alive and happy. So we came up with a game plan for the first week. Exercises she was to do every morning when her eyes opened. Instead of thinking of all the pressing things she had to wake up to she began to retrain her brain and immediately correct herself with thank you’s for waking up, being here in a home, how comfortable her bed is, how still the morning is and how much she was looking forward to the good in the day. Her intentions for the day were to be set before her feet hit the floor. Then we did some other things during the day to not lose the momentum of her new found exercise. Reminders, signs she would look for, we had to make it fun to retrain that brain and get new energy flowing to her. In 13 short weeks I have seen transformation and big miracles in her life and that is always the best thing to share with someone.

Do you feel this way? Or have you felt like this before? For the majority of us I feel we have in one way or another. Some bounce back faster than others and some need to refresh their skills in this area. It is so much better to live a life of happiness, or joy than it is to live in darkness.


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