Possibilities of Action Steps

I live and dwell in the totality of possibilities. Where I am there is all good around me.  Not just a little bit good but all of it is good. Think about this for a second, when we believe anything is possible we open up ourselves to every area in our lives to have good come into. Everyday in everyway we have a choice. Usually it is to do or not to do something. Such as do I send out those 10 emails to prospective clients? Do I make those follow up call right now? Do I get down on the floor and play with my kids? Snuggle up to my loved one and enjoy the moment. We are faced with decisions all the time. It’s what we choose on a continuous basis, over and over that creates whether we have a good life or a life filled with I wish things were different.

Well, then start choosing the option you usually don’t chose. If you chose to watch tv instead of writing or calling or answering emails then you will get more of wishing things were different. It’s all in the action baby. Those action steps that seem like they never end but once the momentum starts and begins to gain speed it is an amazing ride to be on. New doors, new opportunities begin to show up. You may begin to feel frustrated you are “making” yourself do some of these new routines but that’s a clue to really be kind to yourself. Begin to ask why am I irritated? What have I been conditioned to think I’m suppose to do with my life? Or about this circumstance? What do I really think I am suppose to do with my life? What do I feel I am suppose to do with my life? Is there a tiny voice inside of you saying yes this is the right thing to do but habit keeps you from doing different? Let’s use the example you want to be a well known author, but you haven’t picked up a pen and paper consistently this past week. From my perspective I would be asking why not? This is a goal you want and you hired me to help you get it so why aren’t you doing it? (Insert the many excuses I have heard and I too have given to my coach). But what really has you blocked from achieving your dream? What has you not wanting to pick up the pen and journal if you must. Or waking up earlier than the household to get it in during the day?

Our daily habits and routines are laced with so many excuses of why we can’t get things done. We actually create enough of them during our day to keep us off track. We hide in the excuses of the day, and it is fascinating to see and it’s even more fun when a client realizes “oh crap, I have been hiding behind the kids, my spouse, my volunteer duties…. instead of chasing after my dream”. You are doing action steps during the day, I hate when people argue with me that I don’t do anything during the day. But it took me a while to see my “action steps” weren’t the ones that helped me achieve my dreams. An example of this is in Multi Level Marketing, doing flyers, creating email campaigns (busy work) could fill up your entire day. But the action steps the real action steps that would land you your clients was in the follow up calls, new contacts you make everyday. Those action steps were the ones that would bring you closer to your dreams. See the difference??



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