The Universal Law of Momentum

I absolutely love learning about Universal Laws and how to apply to them to our lives. The whole science behind it is amazing and truly needs to be learned by everyone so we all can collectively achieve success in our lives. Grab a cup of coffee or a mocha and let’s dive into todays teaching.

The whole basis or foundation behind the Universal Laws of the Universe is so we as human beings can achieve success. We are programmed to do so. Think about it, we are born we grow (so we are moving forward) constantly towards success of being an adult. Nature has no problem with their place in this world. It to grows and sustains success in its job here. So what happens to block our success?

This is actually 2 laws that combine and each has its own very unique effect on us. But first think about the Law of Gravity. Everyone knows this one, we teach it to our children to not fear it but to prevent injury. We are pulled toward the center of the earth. There is no exceptions when it comes to this law. It doesn’t pick one person out and say oh you don’t apply to this law. No, it is universal so therefor everyone abides by it. So each of these laws applies to everyone.

Laws cause life to move in a specific direction. If we push against them, not understanding, based on circumstances (our stories and fables we tell ourselves and everyone else) then we are subject to consequence, misery, broke and stuck. We can’t get ourselves to do what we need to do every day to be successful. If we begin to learn laws then our lives will change.  It’s when we really work with the laws and it makes life easy.

When we state we are stuck in our lives we have now impeded the flow of anything coming to us that we want. Instead we have now started the momentum of what we do not want. This is the law of nonresistance. IF we resist more of what we resist persists. Now enter the Law of momentum (this is the cause and effect method) Short version is if we are sitting there saying we are stuck in any area of our life then we are impeding the flow of momentum in the direction we want to go. Instead we have started a momentum rolling in the opposite direction we want to go. We usually place momentum in a positive way but it can go either way in our lives. Once we decide enough is enough we start going in the way we want to go, we have to move the big boulder we have made over the years and begin to make it go in the other direction.  It is possible and the law states either way we move it will gain speed and clarity. SO make it go the other way and if you understand this law you will know with time, action steps and the new opportunities it guarantees in the new path you will gain a lot of momentum in the direction you desire.

This lesson is to open your eyes, spark a desire to want to learn more so you can live abundantly in this life time. Life is set up for us to have fun, love and success. Start your momentum going in the opposite direction your are going in. Know in your heart that you are not alone, that so much in this world wants you to achieve success. Just start going for it, do NOT stop once you start! If you stop even for a day, you stop the momentum you have built up so far. That’s why people begin to think just doing nothing is easier. Well doing nothing is a momentum in itself. Which way is your ball rolling today?



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