Clearing Out the Clutter

I have been enjoying the tradition of changing seasons. Impatiently waiting for fall weather, so I can enjoy the crisp, cooler mornings, leaving the house in my leggings and sweatshirts and cooking. I love to cook, bake and decorate the house. It’s amazing how memories from our past, can full our feelings during a season. I have left a mark on many peoples lives for holiday celebrating and I still enjoy it as much as I did 20 years ago. But todays post also ties in with new season means new cleaning out your house, car and mind to get ready to end the year 2015 with a bang. This holiday weekend if you are home is a perfect time to tackle this big chore.

Let’s talk about clutter, in your mind, you know those pesky memories that you keep thinking about, you keep dragging back up to the surface and feel sad or bad all over again? It tends to replay and have a life of it’s own in your head. No good pesky memories, they can ruin a mood in a second. Or maybe you have some things to get off your chest you have been holding onto and you keep having this conversation with yourself while you do dishes or fold laundry. It’s time to get these out. Mental decluttering is one of the best things you can do for yourself. How do you do it? Well there is a number of ways, I will talk about a couple today. First question to be honest with yourself here is take a long look at your surroundings.  Do you have clutter, trash build up (junk mail, purse overflowing, car needs to be cleaned out) or a mess in just about every room in your space? If it is around you and you just don’t know what to do then yes it is in your mind too. It has started in your mind and your surroundings is reflecting this. This is one of the best lessons to actually see, to have proof to your mind that what we feel inside is reflective on the outside. Yes I know we all have the same 24 hours in our day and we are all busy. The overachiever in me would want to clear out everything in one day. Maybe if I didn’t have kids I would be able to do this huge chore a lot easier and quicker. But it is time to get started.

If you want to achieve the success and relationships you want in life you need to declutter your home and car. Decluttering in our physical environments can remove blocks energetically that impede our flow of abundance and get in the way on our path to success. Mentally we hold onto unforgiveness and resentment of things in the past start to get that out by doing writing, painting or cleaning to start getting it out of our heads. If you can’t begin with writing then start with that old towel that has holes in it, clothes you haven’t worn in 2 years is that supporting your vision of you living in abundance?

Go through every room in the house, every drawer and cabinet, organize and clean out.  Begin to evaluate what you see if meets your standards of the improved vision of the life you are working towards.  How many spices have you used in your spice cabinet? Why are you holding onto them if you haven’t even opened them before? How about the containers that don’t have lids? Throw out what doesn’t have a lid so you don’t keep searching for it. How about all the socks that are eaten by the washer? The mismatched sock pile taking over your laundry room? It all is clutter and doesn’t have to stay there. Clear the space so new energy can come in. When you physically begin to remove things this creates a new space for improved items (the vacuum law). Recently I spent a lot of time decluttering my stockpile of hair products and lotions (discarding ones that were half used but saving in case I ran out of my favorite products) the next day I received a gift of new bottles of my favorite scents. Clear your space so abundance can come into your home and bless you! Clutter sneaks up on all of us, it’s like dust it just keeps piling up if we don’t clean it off.

Decluttering your relationships is a little unnatural to talk about but you are who you hang out with the most. The top 5 people you surround yourself with on a daily basis is a huge influence. I don’t care if you are the strongest personality, if you have one or more negative nellys that you hang out with on a consistent basis daily their energy will creep into your pores and bring you down. To declutter you need to be around those that love and support you, even if you need to watch inspirational vidoes on youtube a couple of times a day to get the added dose in your life. Find a favorite youtube channel and start to like pages so it is easier to pull up. When you are looking to attract abundance and gratitude it is very important to surround yourself with others who are already abundant. Practice forgiveness, not for the other person but for yourself. It is about getting rid of those negative emotions inside of your head. Look it is plain and simple, no one is perfect, not any of us. We all make mistakes and do things to others. If the other party is unable to forgive you, then forgive yourself for the wrong. What you can do is know in your heart you are sorry and to honor this mistake don’t do it again. Move on, move past the situation and live your life in a completely different way. Work on improving yourself, we are all growing beings here. Do NOT be so hard on yourself, remake yourself and move upward. Living and dwelling in this dark negative place won’t do anyone any good. Punishing yourself for some horrible mistake won’t make the situation better, improving yourself and moving forward will.

Stop procrastinating and prioritize your to-do list. Get to it, it’s a 3 day weekend, an extra day to use and get it done. Why is it important to release this emotional clutter? So it is easier for you to see opportunities that are right in front of you. When you can release this great transformation is possible within you, and your outside area will be easier to declutter.

What do I do exactly when I declutter? I first know it will take me more than a  day to complete this. Especially with kids that live in the house, a toddler will remind you real quick even if you have this idea of a clean house, they have other ideas. 🙂 I usually start with a list, I am a list girl, it gets me motivated and for example lets tackle the living room. I write out living room at top of page I then list touch up paint baseboards, ceiling spots (water damage this past year), clean out baby A books, movies (any that are scratched and don’t work toss), toys, clean couches, curtains take down and launder, blinds and windows with inside the windows. Fall is coming and I love my windows open, but I also like to see white instead of dirt when I have my windows open.   I do this for each room, making a note to myself If I want to look at new pillows, curtains, theme of colors or live plants.  To mark things off a list is a visual cue to the brain you are accomplishing things and that releases new feelings and a boost you can get things done. Once all my fall cleaning is done then I can decorate for fall too. Makes the house feel different due to new things being out in the open to look at. Your overall feel is to feel good about your hard work, your space having different energy and if you want to add a boost to your space.


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