Emotion are Messy and Tricky

The more I learn about our beautiful little brains the more I can see patterns, emotions and us as human beings more clearly every day. Did you know our beautiful messy brains occupy only 2% of our body weight but consumes almost 25% of our energy!! All of us need to learn to feed our brains the correct way to harness the power it is capable of! Have you ever done a 3 day challenge? It is just 3 little days and you can turn it into a week then go from there. Essentially you eat more veggies, fruits and tons of water. The idea is to fuel your mitochondria in your cells (the powerhouses of your cells) the more greens like kale and spinach (organic of course) the more you are fueling your mitochondria. When you get those kinds of changes on a cellular level the effects are felt in the entire body! Good, positive changes start to occur and you get amazing intuition, feelings, energy and clarity. Sugar actually damages our cells think of it as it turning your cell black and syrup running through your body, you are down in energy, your thinking is muddy and you just crave more sugar to get more mud to flow through your system, eventually you are tired all the time, your output into the world is slower and you are no longer on your game anymore.

Here is a fun fact that we all get looped into. What we see with our eyes is not the entire truth. Scientists state we see in 2 dimensions but our world is really 3 dimensions. Therefore leaving our brain to take its best guess on how to read what it is seeing. This is where all of our underlying emotional patterns, stories of the past  trick us into believing what is not real to be real. Our most powerful sense trumps other senses into believing what it thinks is going on. Have you ever been told “but I didn’t mean it to come across this way” or “you misunderstood the situation.”

Pain, we all have felt it in one way or another. What if we give it more meaning than we realize? I can remember as a child I ate kool-aid with all the sugar in the pitcher and only a little bit of water, with a spoon. Needless to say I got one cavity in a molar when I was about 5 years old. When my mom took me to the dentist I refused to have a shot in my mouth. My thought process was that shot would hurt more than them drilling on my tooth. I literally refused having that shot, I told them to drill and somehow I convinced them into this situation. Talk about power of the mind here. I laid still in that dentists chair, didn’t move a muscle the whole time he drilled on my tooth and I even fell asleep. I turned off the pain receptors in my body at that young of an age, I had developed coping skills naturally and instinctually.
Have you ever seen athletes? The most dedicated ones? They work through the pain to achieve their goals. Pain is just a process of communication between the body and brain for a means of survival. When the brain begins to realize there is no threat it begins to shut down pain receptors. You can in fact begin to condition your mind to believe everything is normal or ok and survive a great amount of pain. This goes for heart breaking pain too, that is probably why they say time heals everything. When I am treating a sick or injured child to divert the attention to something more positive, talking about something else you can see the body begin to relax the pain isn’t as bad or scary.

Feelings are wired deep in our brains. Not just the good feelings but the messy, sweaty, crazy and fierce ones that can either propel us to change or keep us stuck where we are. These feelings drive us in our relationships, aliveness  and decisions everyday. IT’s how we connect, love, who is right or wrong, and what we should go for and steer clear of.  Feelings are our clue that that something isn’t right and need to be dealt with.  They direct us to find balance and give us the most important life lessons usually.  Anger is an emotion that is as strong as love. But here is the trick with anger, it always has an underlying emotion attached to it. Think of anger as an umbrella, its at the top, then underneath that umbrella is what is really going on. It is usually fear, guilt, sadness, misunderstanding. Anger releases chemicals in our brains to fuel our body to give us energy to do something about the problem we are facing. It releases oxygen, adrenalin and hormones to propel us forward. But anger does NOT make us think more clearly, in fact when we are angry and act we have actually dropped our intelligence by 30% so we are not thinking we are going and acting only. We have some incredible speed and strength but not clear thoughts. It is a dangerous combo and that is why so often we should not speak when we are angry, we can do a lot of damage with words. There is nothing wrong with feeling angry but a hero is a thinker and doesn’t hurt people when they are angry.

How can any of this help you today? It is education, when we can learn and begin to change our perceptions of situations, apply new knowledge that is simple we can make huge changes in our lives. Maybe by going to the store today and getting fresh veggies and taking the 3 day challenge this weekend you will begin to feel the effects of change on a cellular level, and therefore you will begin to see new benefits, you decide to do it for 3 more days and eventually turn the tables and form a new habit. We are so programmed into thinking and routines everyday, change is a good thing. If you want different in your life then you will have to do different things. Change is amazing for the brain, it creates new neural pathways and thus creates new manifestations into your life. Sometimes change is forced upon us in circumstances, but other times we can create it for ourselves. I am here to help you change your situation and safely move you in the right direction.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “All the water in the world can not drown you unless it gets inside of you.” NO matter what the problem, financial situation, history or whatever difficulty is around you– let it be around you, not in you. It’s a circumstance. It’s around you but is not meant to control or determine your internal thoughts. Our state of mind is our state of heart. If we keep our mind on gratitude and appreciation our vibrations will be in line with higher states. We can float on top of that water that is all around us. WE can learn to float when things around us are difficult. We can eventually learn to let go of all those negative things and float on abundance and have it support us instead of darkness consuming us. This is what I enjoy so much. We all have our darkness that surrounds us, it is learning how to overcome through trial and error and teaching others new ways to do it.


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