Miracles are for You Too

Be willing to take the first step, no matter how small it is. Concentrate on the fact that you are willing to learn and apply the knowledge through action steps each and every day. That is when absolute miracles happen. They happen for everyone, miracles are not just for the fortunate few in the world. If you are open to them for yourself they to will happen for you. You deserve the good things in life too. You deserve to live out the dreams you are daydreaming about too. When I say this to people I hear “But how do it get it?” The how in this formula isn’t for us to know. The how is the mystery, the beautiful mystery of life and if you allow it to unfold the way God or the Universe wants to make it happen you will be amazed. You will begin to say the words, it is a miracle this happened. The miracle Is truly in the allowing and being open to receiving what you want in any way it is coming.

If we begin to force a situation it won’t be as fantastic as it could have been. When we force the way we think we should get it and close down any other possible ways to receive it bogs up the system. It creates walls for our wants to get to us. Forcing a situation isn’t a natural law of nature. You are lowering your vibration to your wants, this is where trust the best possible outcome will result. The unknown is the breeding ground for doubt and fear. The unknown to me is the place where all the negative what if’s begin to grow and they grow quickly in there. We begin to limit ourselves, our possibilities and our minds. We need to trust our power within, be present in the moment more and know that these two things are far greater than we could ever imagine. If fear or doubt creeps up begin to affirm to yourself “all is well and everything is working out for my highest good right now.” Trust those words, go forward on blind faith and know it is yours that you are seeking.

Miracles begin to take shape when we open ourselves up to the possibilities. Take the steps even when fear pops up and go forward, I promise once you work through the fear and do it anyway changes happen and most often they are incredible changes for the better.  Personally speaking I have done the impossible many times in my life and helped others do the same too. What comes easily for one person may not come easily for another. If you would like to learn more email me or schedule a consultation.



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