Looking Good Today

I braved the drop off line again this morning at the high school. I say brave because it is a HUGE new school with over 2000 students and all of them come in the same way and we all leave the same way. One way in and one way out. As I was leaving this morning I was driving about 5 mph and as I passed each car I looked at everyone’s facial expressions. It truly amazed me how miserable they all looked. I know it is 7:05 in the morning, I know school is just a place you have to be but come on! Over 90% looked like they had no enjoyment in life. It got me thinking though, I can remember when I went to high school (yes it was a long time ago) and it wasn’t cool or a positive image to uphold if you went in classes as happy and bouncing off the walls. It was actually encouraged to be tired, quiet and look like you are not having fun. I’m still hear from people saying  “she is just to happy” “does she not have a bad day ever?” Well yes I do but it is a choice to have a bad day. Do I wake up tired? Heck ya. Do I get upset? Yes. But I truly believe a quote I read from Jay-Z and Louis Hay. You can speak things into existence.

There is tremendous power in our spoken words. If you knew and realized and figured out how much power is in our words you might begin to be careful how you use words. Think about the words you use today is a foundation of what you continually create in your life. If you are continuously choosing positive words over and over then you have built a strong, positive foundation for a  world manifesting greatness in your life. If you are babbling away, seldom thinking about what you are truly saying or how you are saying it negative words tend to spew out of us easily. Think of it as what you give out in the form of words would return to you as experiences.  The best quote relating to this is “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself” this was never intended to give you guilt for acting a certain way. It is to remind us, what you give out comes back to you. So if you give out good, then good comes back.

BUT, as I said yesterday I struggled with my beliefs for awhile. I am still diving into this aspect of this law of the universe. I not only ask myself why do things happen to me but I look past me and think why are kids sick with cancer? They surely couldn’t have attracted that to themselves. I would probably go into a full rage if I was one of those parents and some self righteous a** came up to me and said you know your kid brought this illness upon themselves. So that part I do not understand at all. They haven’t had the lifetime of programming and now deprogramming themselves to cure the illness. But I do know one thing those children have the most amazing outlook on life. Have you ever spent time with children in a hospital? Multiple chemo treatments and they still smile the biggest smile. They are truly amazing beings, and blessed to have visited with the ones I have already. If you can ever support St. Jude’s Hospital or something like that you are making a HUGE difference in people’s lives. So now that I have gotten off track, let me come back around.

This game of life is fun to play, you can study it and get good at it. Really good to manifest not only what you want but for other people. I have this gift of manifesting things for other people in their lives. I have laughed because I think to myself sometimes what about me? But I have learned the beauty of life is creating miracles for others and seeing them enjoy life. Our words and talk either out loud or to our selves is the foundation to what we will create on the outside. If we belittle ourselves, life is going to give us very little. If we lay the foundation of loving and appreciating ourselves then we will experience a life full wonderful and joyous gifts. I personally love to be in a great mood, full of energy and wondering what miracles are going to happen today for me, my loved ones and clients. The world is a ton better when we are happy and loving. Do you honestly want to look like all those people in line waiting to get into school this am? Or would you rather be that one person at the stop light smiling and infecting others with your cheer? I am a holiday cheer miser. It is beginning to be my season (Halloween to New Years Eve), to me this is the most magical time of the year.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle of life, each one of us has a different journey, but it is starting with the mess in our minds. We should take time every day to clean up our minds. Take at least 30 minutes a day to center ourselves, work on that love feeling inside of ourselves and hold on to it for as long as we can. The past is in the past for a reason, no reason to dwell on it over and over and make yourself and others pay for it. Concentrate on you and your love vibration to make YOUR life better. You do it for you, not for anyone else.


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