Fears and Put Them to Rest

Ok now back to what I love the most, talking about that little fear monkey we have on our shoulders. Have you ever heard that at the zoo a monkey will throw its own feces at you? We do this to ourselves all the time metaphorically speaking.  We have those monkeys jump up and down on our shoulders, keeping us from our wishes and dreams, and why? Because fear is what is worrying them, fear of will they like me if I do this? Fear of do I look ok? Fear of belonging? Fear of new experiences. Fear is the one thing in life that holds you back.  It is the source of our worries, insecurities, burdens, guilt, and resentments. Stresses and any feelings of lack you may experience. Lack of love, lack of money, lack of joy, lack of success and lack of inspiration. Fear is THE barrier to the ultimate realization of your true potential and power.

Remember If you trust your dreams half as much as you doubt them, you would get everything you want. You should always try for something you think may not work. If you give up easily you may never get the chance to know what may have become. Come on get out there and quiet that monkey. Start small and prove to yourself you can do it, will do it and want to do it. It just takes a little momentum to get the ball rolling to prove to that monkey he is wrong!

We have said it a thousand times and you have heard this a thousand times from all the self help masters out there. Get crystal clear on what you want to attract or have or obtain. Just don’t say I want a million dollars, that could land you a job at the bank where you are counting millions of dollars, they just are your dollars. Drop all your excuses on why you can’t have it yet. It is NOT to hard or you wouldn’t want it or see yourself have it. If the desire and knowing you can have it is inside of you then you can have the dream. It may not go in the exact steps you think it should to achieve it but you will get that end result. (I’m speaking of materialistic items of course, sometimes when we apply this to people or relationships and force the situation it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to) we shouldn’t manipulate people. If you are trying to do that then keep in mind when you are so focused on one person you might be missing the great one, your soul mate because your focus is somewhere else. Step into your passion full time, obsess over it and find all the ways you can make it come true. List every possible way you think it can come about, brainstorm, think positive about it. What does it look like now that you achieved it? Write it, feel it and love it. The how it will come along doesn’t really matter because at the end of the brainstorming session always say “any one of these ways or a way that is beyond my imagination to making this come true” By saying this you are letting the universe do its magic because you trust in the magic to make it happen.

For the longest time I wasn’t sure why I was even here on this earth. I would get upset inside when I would hear others that I admired state I know what my purpose is now. I would be like what the heck, why can’t I figure out mine? Now I know and I have stepped into the journey. It will lead to many unopened doors, is it scary? Sure but it is worth the journey and learning to quiet my own monkeys on my shoulders. This is why removing old thoughts and feelings is the first and best step then fill your mind up with positive, uplifting, new thoughts about yourself and your dreams. Keep a journal and write out all those fears so the monkey is on the paper and not your shoulders.



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