Day 23 of 23 Gratitude Challenge

Ok Ok, I know it is really day 24 but I got side tracked with life yesterday, back to school for the kids and the adults and all the fun things that go along with that.

What did you learn from the 23 day challenge? Do you feel different? I mean did you feel like everything would fall into your lap if you stuck with the 23 days? That now manifesting whatever your heart desires will now happen? Well you are on the right track, you are one step closer in manifesting, but as I have found there is no one formula that works for everyone. To each their own way is what I think. You have to educate yourself, experiment and apply your knowledge in your own life. Kind of like you are doing a science experiment to see what works the best for you. When I was younger, (ages 5 to 27) it was really easy for me to get what I wanted. I literally had LOA (Law of Attraction) down to what worked for me. I would always be amazed at what I went after, focused on (obsessed with), and desired I got it 99% of the time. Then I had life happen to me, married, kids, divorce, more kids and move and somewhere in between all that I lost what came so naturally to me. It is going back and remembering how I was before life and applying that action I use to take. It is usually the simplest route that gets the best results.

So my best advice is being grateful will make you feel a lot better each day. It does make life more cheerful and more positive things do enter into it. Not everyone has the “Best day ever” every single day. Be gentle on yourself on those days of waking up late, rainy days or it’s just an off day. The positive flow will come back when you raise your vibration. Sometimes those off days are great because you can find new things to be grateful for, making it a game and it opens up new doors. New perspective’s are wonderful in this game called Life. Do you remember that board game? I would play it for hours with my grandma, and I use to love to land on the space of a mansion, 3 cars and 40 kids!! What the heck was I thinking when I was younger? To clean the mansion, maintaining 3 cars and 40 kids!! No wonder my grandma use to tell me be careful what you wish for my dear. 🙂 I think I am going to have to go buy that board game and play it with the kids and see what all they think is cool and fun.




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