Day 21 of 23 Gratitude Challenge

Ok today marks the 21st day and offically, scientifically speaking a new habit has been hardwired into our brains IF you have been consciously thinking about all the things that you feel grateful for during the day. The last thing on your mind as you go to sleep are positive images instead of worries or negative thoughts. How did you do?

On Day 21 the law of synchronicity I swear works and I got a wonderful message about something I should check out. To lay groundwork for the gift I was given today I will tell you a little bit about our bodies and minds. We know we are all different, if we weren’t the world would be a boring place. If we know we are all different then why would we expect or even compare ourselves to one another? Have you ever felt well my friend read this book or took this class and changed their lives!!! You do it and you don’t have same result. It goes for everything in our lives, what works well for you may not for someone else and vice versa. On my Facebook page was an article regarding meditation. How this new wave of research is finding out new things about our brains.  If you don’t know much about the benefits of beta or theta brainwaves do some research. The One Command book is a great sours to begin to learn about it. But this new company is hooking up people to learn what types of meditation works for each person by measuring their brainwaves. Genius right? The conclusion of all the people they brought in was what forgiveness does to our brain and our success rates.  Going in and pulling up whatever had made us angry, the specific situation and feeling it for just that moment (you don’t want to stay in anger for to long) then forgiving the person and situation is what we do. Really going in and looking at it. For example when I was a kid and neighborhood kid was really mean to me, called me names and I got hurt and angry. I went back and relived it, saw us standing outside arguing. I said I forgive you and I forgive myself. I began to think maybe she had those words said to her as a child and was just saying them outloud to me. Usually when people lash out they are in pain too. I got to rewrite that moment and start to let go of anger. Doing this in the experiment allowed your brain waves to rise and thus your creativity flows better, intuition flows better and opens up new doors for you. With each instance you can forgive the higher your own vibration rises. When you vibrate or flow at a higher level then negativity can’t touch you as much. You don’t react negatively anymore. You can brush it off easier.

Forgiveness doesn’t give the other person anything. You are doing yourself and body a favor by releasing the blocks that anger and grief produce. Think of each act of forgiveness and release you do, each time you are throwing a stone out of your mind. Those blocks you want to bust through you ate actively doing it. You keep doing it until you feel better. You will feel lighter with each one. A big heavy burden might take a couple of times to do in your mind but keep going. 🙂


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