Day 16 of 23 Gratitude Experiment

Any Definite Purpose that is deliberately fixed in the mind and held there, with the determination to realize it, finally saturates the entire subconscious mind until it automatically influences the physical action of the body toward the attainment of that purpose.

Use your mind to your benefit today. Begin to be mindful of the thoughts you think. It all begins with those thoughts. If you begin to notice anger or frustration creeping in then start to ask yourself why am I really feeling this? It’s kind of like when you get upset that your spouse doesn’t squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube and you go into a full rage. This is a surface symptom of something much deeper. A bigger reason you are mad, and this happened to tip off the anger again. Or when you have a bad day and you choose to take it out on someone else instead of the real reason. Displaced emotional outbursts can help us if we pay attention. It can grab our attention and if we begin to ask what is really going on here we can go to the root of the problem, and begin to make peace with it.

An example would be being mad at the toothpaste issue. Begin to ask why in the world would I be upset with a silly reason as this? I have been known to squeeze in the middle to so I am not perfect either. Why am I really upset? Maybe you feel lonely, upset over money issues, depressed, or pressure from work. It can be a multitude of reasons that have been building. Now that you identified it you can begin to rework those emotions. If you have a lot of pressure at work you can begin to say to yourself, I am one person, I work 10X harder and faster than those around me. I can get chunks of it done, that is all expect from myself but I will get the end result. Break it down into pieces each day and feel accomplished that you are doing it. Overwhelming emotions just need to be broken down and looked at in a new way. Get a piece of paper out and show yourself what you are willing to do for that day and say it’s better than what most people can do and get to work on it. Your progress will trick your brain into seeing the results. Say a little mantra, sing it to yourself “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” Or “every day in every way I am getting wealthier and wealthier.” Fill your head with those words over and over, if you focus on that for a little bit you can’t be over there focusing on what is making you upset. Your mind can’t do both at the same time. Take a break from what is bothering you, shift your mind into good feelings. Find your 23 things to be grateful for and write them all down.



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