Day 10 of 23 the Explanation of Expectations

Have you ever tried to attempt to read or study physics? Just the laws of physics can often leave you with more questions than answers. But I think I actually got one of the messages last night. It was about what we know as “time” the definition of time is not what we think it is. But I am going to explain a different aspect of the experiment instead of trying to explain that “time” really doesn’t exist in the manner we know it.

Scientists did a double atom split experiment to see how it behaves when one nothing is introduced in the experiment and two if a partition is introduced how it would travel would the atom just simply go around the partition or would it split into two? This is where our gratitude experiment comes into play too. Our thought is like this single atom they are experimenting with. What the scientists found, observation and expectation actually changed the course this atom would take. So like our thoughts, our expectations are actually what is controlling our outer world and how it behaves.

Imagine you have a ball in the center of a box. You have a cameras on each side of the ball where the partition is to capture which way the atom will go. The action of putting up the cameras made the atom split and go in both directions. (this is where you get more questions than answers when looking into the study of physics). You are already expecting the atom to go a certain way and want to capture the “proof” of it. Same thing with our own thoughts and expectations about a certain outcome. If we continue to think we will get negative results such as never getting ahead in bills, feeling hopeless, feeling defeated than you have already expected more of the same thing in your future. You are predicting your future with expectations, regardless if that is the way you want it or not.

What does all of this mean today? It means unless we can educate our brain in a way that it understands to make our thinking patterns more healthy then we will continue to go about life down the same paths. It does take work sometimes to have better in life but it is all worth it. Keep up with your gratitude journal. Now on this 10th day I would like for you to go one step further. Start a new page and begin with “I am so happy and grateful now that I have…” You are making a prediction, and expectation for something you want to have it in the now. Make a huge list if you want. Start adding this to your daily practice of being grateful. Your brain doesn’t realize you don’t have it right now. That movie screen you keep replaying negativity on needs to have a new movie playing. Begin to expect things to go better than they have been. Expect better situations for yourself, don’t settle any more. 🙂

much love to you all



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