Day 9 of 23 Gratitude Experiment

Imagine your thoughts are drops of water. Over time like a leaky facet those small drops create an incredibly big body of water.  At first those droplets are a small puddle, then it may grow into a pond, as you continue to think those same thoughts over and over again you will have a lake then an ocean. If your thoughts are positive you want to swim in big beautiful sea of positivity. If they are negative you can drown in a sea of negativity, not ever being able to catch your breath. Which do you chose to dwell in?

A great example of this is when a friend of mine expressed how upset she was over her husband not noticing she had lost any weight. She had been working out, eating healthier, and lost about 20 pounds thus far. She had gone down a couple of sizes and she was excited. She bounced into the kitchen and said “Do you notice anything different about me?” He replied “NO”. She got upset and explained again what she had been doing, eating better, more water and exercise. His response was still no I really don’t see anything different about you. She felt defeated and angry, here her own husband didn’t even take the time to notice she had been working so hard and there were significant changes in her body. The moral of this story is no he is not an a**. 🙂 It is when we think thoughts about other people (good or bad) we tend to miss the present moment. In his mind he had always thought she was perfect the way she was, she didn’t need to lose any weight to him. She had always gone on some diet in the past and he had just stuck in his head the same thought patterns. He didn’t deviate from his patterns, his thoughts created not seeing a change around him. IF she noticed the difference and felt different that is all she needed. She created a new neural pathway, a healthier lifestyle and that should have been all she needed. When we look outside our selves for validation we can get let down. It’s not personal it is their own thought process about us.

For each of us we should always affirm the positive inside of us, visualize the positive and always expect the positive then our lives will change for the better. Live in the sea of positivity and gratitude. Be thankful for the present moment and create a huge body of water for yourself.

Day 9 of 23 continue with your positivity journal. If you are having off days, remember no one is perfect with this. It is an exercise of the brain to make us more aware of a better way of living. Ask your kids, spouse, boss, friend or loved one to name 5 things they are grateful for today. Spread the joy!!


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