Day 8 of 23 Gratitude Experiment

Just as the Universal Laws say they will test you when you decide to make a change in your life to make sure this is what you really want. For me it was on Day 7, I kept having the same themes come through all day long. To stay in the negative or look past, dig deep and see I no longer wanted to stay like that. It was a day of affirmation of why I want a better way of living. It happens to all of us, in various forms. I think in church they say “God tests you to make sure this is what you really want.” It did spill over into today but it got much easier and better as the day went on.

What have I learned on Day 8? Day 8 I got to reflect a little more, shift more and prove to myself that living in a negative mind isn’t the way life should or needs to be. I mean wouldn’t you rather feel good most of the time, full of energy and smiling? Rather than going around with a scowl on your face, reliving things that upset you over and over. You concentrate so much on what is wrong or upsetting you miss what is going on right in front of you. Have you ever seen those commercials for depression? Where the person going through it is just miserable and those around him/her are wishing they would acknowledge them in the same room. They are so inside their brain that the life that is going on around them they are missing. I’m not saying good or bad about depression it is a real emotion and very dark. I am referring to our day to day drama we keep going in our movie screen in our mind.

If you haven’t been tested yet good for you!! When you do get tested, keep in mind that it is not real, the events that are showing up for you are what you were thinking of in the past. You want better ones from this day forward, and expressing gratitude and feeling the gratitude are the start points of beautiful things being drawn to you.



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