Day 5 of 23 Gratitude Experiment

So how is it going? Busting through some of those old beliefs and seeing new things open up in life? Being able to find some things to be grateful for each day? Have you been able to fill up all 23 spaces on your paper? Hopefully more than 23.

Have you had an ongoing battle in your head you have recently noticed? Such as your thoughts are “I will be rich and wealthy one day.” But as you look around you see opposite and your subconscious kicks in with “Rich people are all greedy and cheat others” or “who am I kidding, I live in a small little house, debt up to my ears and feel defeated.”  Well that my friends is that little monkey that sits on your shoulder and is jumping up and down trying to defeat you, pushing you back down so you don’t have hope. What are we to do? When it has been stated the subconscious wins ALMOST every time due to us using only 11% of our conscious mind at any given moment.

Educate yourself in reteaching that monkey on your shoulder. Without the cooperation of the subconscious mind (our monkey) nothing we do on a conscious level will bypass that jumping monkey. It smells the BS we are trying to put into our head. If we can install beliefs that go hand in hand with both subconscious and conscious we can get our results faster. Or if you have an iron will and determination that doesn’t quit that could work too. For example over a period of time you begin to change your lifestyle habits with eating better. You notice a change in how you feel and look. This is easy for both the subconscious and conscious mind to accept. At first the monkey will fight you but taking it day by day for 23 days you will begin to have the monkey on your shoulder accept the changes. When the monkey starts to jump up and down and protest begin with a affirmation. If it is money you want and job success say a mantra that resonates with you. Look them up and find one in the present tense that fits you. Louis Hay has some incredible and catchy phrases you can say to yourself all day long. Saying them over and over means you are using more than the 11% of your consciousness and you are filling your mind with positive thoughts instead of worries, anger, sadness or guilt.

For today look up some mantras or affirmations that fit you. Always say them in the present tense. Write them down over and over. There is so much power in writing, it uses more of our neural pathways and makes it more real for our minds. Look for the good things that happen today too.



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