Beliefs Day 4 of 23

Our beliefs inside of us are so strong, what happens when we actually take the time to question “why do I believe this?” How often do you hear yourself or someone else say “I am the way I am” or “that’s just the way it is” These words spoken show the belief system running through them or us. If you can wrap your mind around our belief system is just someone else’s opinion that we have incorporated into our head. We accepted their word as truth and formed our life around it. We doubt it only if it does not fit into what we are already believing.

If you look outside and it is raining, you might say to yourself “It going to be a bad day because of the rain.” Why does it have to be a bad day? Why can it not just be a wet day? Why can’t you look at it as though the streets needed to be washed, flowers needed watering, trees needed a bath. Heck a free car wash. It is all in your perspective, question the core belief and you will begin to feel uplifted and move into new directions In life.

Another example would be if you were in an abusive relationship. You might have fought their beliefs about you at first, such as you are lazy,  not worth much, dirty, stupid or can’t do things. That is really a reflection of them, they see those qualities deep down about themselves but can’t admit it so they pick on you.  They are the low life’s if you want to label them in your mind. Do you have to adopt their view of you? NO! Why are they taking control of your beliefs about yourself? You are the only one that knows deep down what you are like. Each one of us act different every single day, that is what is beautiful about people. The same is true with the person putting you down, they will change their tune too, one day you will be crap the next day you could be wonderful but we are left with the negative  flavor about ourselves.

What does this have to do with our challenge of gratitude? One of our kids has been in a slump lately. A slippery slope of negative. I watched her all day yesterday and began to see how staying in a negative state can bring about more negative experiences. For example she picked fights with a younger sibling, that in turn brought on the yelling and screaming of the younger on towards her and caused her to cover her ears. It was little things all day long like this that made you think if you would just shift, just begin to see positively in the world around you a lot of this would not be happening. It not only affected her little world but everyone around her. It was a great lesson to see how your emotions, beliefs and core thoughts not only affect you on the inside but it really does spread and affect those around you too. Without her even realizing she was creating a lot of the trouble herself directly and shifting just a little bit her mood and thoughts would bring about a whole new different day.

So keep shifting, keep looking at things to be grateful for today. Expect miracles all day long to happen to you or those you love. When you ask for good things to happen to you ask for those you know as well. If we want a joyous life we must send out joyous thoughts, if we want a prosperous life we must think prosperity. If you want love then think loving thoughts. Whatever we send out mentally, emotionally or verbally it comes back to us in like form. If you need to see this in action for yourself then look around at other people, see their moods and compare. The really happy ones  or blessed ones they have bad days too, they are not perfect, but it is all in how they react to the circumstance that sets them apart. 🙂



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