Day 3 or 23 Habit Challenge

Day 3 Woo Hoo!! How are you feeling? Has your life changed yet? Just kidding, so many people think well if I do this for a couple of days then things will start changing. 🙂 The same is usually expected of this challenge too.

Did you know it takes 6 months for our DNA to renew itself? Our bones to build a new skeleton every 3 months, our liver to regenerate and be new every 6 weeks, our skin can rebuild itself in a month, our brain can rebuild itself in a year, our blood cleans itself and new cells created every 4 months and the lining in our stomachs rebuilds every 5 days. That is a ton of work our bodies do without even us putting any thought towards it. What would happen if we had to actually put forth the effort every second of the day to put in the work to rebuild each of our body parts consciously. Could you do it? Would some of your body look and feel good and other parts wouldn’t? In a way we already do this, we put on face creams, conditioners for our beautiful, healthy hair, pretty color nail polishes, for some of us we eat healthy and drink plenty of water to nourish our insides. We take vitamins and supplements, I mean we do in a round about way consciously help with the changes in our body.

When we want to lose weight, it takes 4 weeks for improvement to start, we literally have to work out 4 to 5 times a week for 4 weeks for us to notice change. This also goes with if you use protein shakes along with it. You can see drastic results in some people doing shakes and exercise. Then the next 4 weeks (So you are 8 weeks in) others can start to notice changes in your appearance, it’s not until the 12 week mark we see some pretty amazing results. So that is 3 months of work to get outside results!! Why does it take this long? Well reading the above paragraph you are now changing daily habits, this change brings on new and better changes inside the body to work with and results will happen. Give up fast food and grease, you will have great changes going on in the inside of you to show eventually on the outside. We are in such an I want it now mindset our bodies need a little time to bring on the positive changes. Be gentle with yourself, keep your eye on the goal and you will achieve it. Let your body catch up with the exercise and healthy fuel you are NOW deciding to feed it!  Same goes with feeling good, happy and gratitude. You are now changing neural pathways in your brain! You are making new roads in that brain of yours and it takes time to do this.

Think of it this way, your brain has streets in it. Some of those streets we go down constantly making it smooth and paved. The less traveled streets are bumpy, dusty and not clear (you might hit a tree on the path). Until you keep going and going down that less traveled street to make it smooth and paved you will always have those feelings of doubt, wonderment and fear. If you practice what you are afraid of over and over then guess what it’s not scary anymore!

For day 3 I want you to find that renewed sense of happiness, when you get it and feel it, focus on it for just a little bit longer. Keep the feeling inside of you for as long as you can. Do this over and over today. Look for things that start with a certain letter to be thankful about. For example you can start with the letter A or the number 1. All day be aware of those things and notice them when they come into your life and be grateful. 🙂 See if you can hit the 23 mark today on your list.



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