Day 2 of 23 Gratitude Experiment

How did your Day 1 go so far? Were you able to see 23 things to be grateful about?

I did 23 things to be grateful about everyday because it will hopefully begin to open your eyes up to the world around you. From little things to big things it is all amazing what can come into our day with a new perspective.

Be very careful about what you think. Your thoughts run your life   Proverbs 4:23

I had some people ask about what to write down. Yes it is 23 things everyday for 23 days. 🙂 It can be what happens to you, celebrating what happens to others that you know. It can be someone you know that got promoted in a MLM company or job. A birthday or anniversary for an acquaintance on social media. The idea is to get into the feeling of gratitude and celebrate all of life’s wins for yourself or other people. The more you feel in your heart, the more will come into your life.

It is always easier to say “oh just be happy” and feeling it is harder we think. For example what if you just had a break up or a death happened. How do you feel anything but sadness? It’s about moving your feelings around in your heart. Don’t fight the feeling, always process those. But to shift momentarily you can find things to be grateful in the moment. Living in the moment is more of what we should practice on a daily basis. When we shift to being grateful we are living in the moment, noticing what is happening right then. That feeling you feel is what you bring more of to yourself.

If you are angry stop and think to yourself and say “Is this what I want to attract more of? Is this kind of stuff I want to keep attracting to myself?” Usually this stops us in our tracks from behaving this way.

For day 2 keep your eyes open for little miracles, good, positive events not only in your life but those around you. Celebrate victories and take note of them. Keep a little notepad with you or notes on your phone to keep up with all the fun things today. 🙂




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