Day One 23 Day Challenge

It is time for a challenge. We all need to have a healthy challenge in our life, right? You with me?

For the next 23 days we will be doing a gratitude challenge. Why 23 days? It takes 21 days for a new habit to be formed in our brain. If we work on it consistently for 21 days our brain will begin to recognize it as a new way of life, a new habit will be formed to use everyday. If it only takes 21 days why is the challenge 23 days? One of our kids once said “well add two days onto it and then the new habit will sure to stick in the brain.”

Here is the who, what, when, why and how info:

Experiment is for 23 days we will live in as much gratitude as we can. I say that because no one is perfect, everyone has “challenging” days and some days can be harder than others. But the object is to rewire our brains when we feel guilty, when we feel sad or depressed to move into a better feeling. During the 23 days we will not only post inspirations, food for thought but creative ways to outwit your brain and reprogram yourself to achieve an overall better day.

Work entailed: each day we will be writing down 23 things, ideas, and good events that we have witnessed, done or had happen to us. Before bed we will be thinking of only good we saw or want to happen. When we wake up in the morning we will be doing an affirmation we say all day to remind us of our goal. It sounds like a lot of work at first but when you are rewiring to get what you want we have to fill our mind with new thoughts to get new outcomes.

Challenges: The biggest ones are the old thought patterns emerging and trying to throw a monkey wrench into your thoughts and therefor your day. Getting stuck in the hole of sadness or anger and not being able to pull yourself out of it easily.

Overall Goal: To live your life the way you would like to. To make what seems impossible, possible. To feel better, see more in the world and see opportunities open up for you!

Ready? Let’s GO! Day one is today.

Day One: write down 23 things or as many as you can, things you are thankful for. If you are limited in this area here are some ideas: the air, water, house, car, people (regardless if they are giving you are hard time or an easy time), pets, the way the wind blows on the trees, view outside, opportunities, children, spouse, parents. If you want to visit past only good things in your past (do not dwell on the negative).

Before bed let your mind wander as to what good things you would like to have in your life. A new job, more clients, new car, new house, better relationships, weight loss, more energy, more creativity. Go to sleep with good things swirling around in your head. Give your mind a break from all the stress and challenges of the day. IF you really want to write down the positive, write it down. Put it on paper, you will already be ahead in another nights assignment.

IF you are finding stress during your day or at night repeat this sentence “I don’t know how…… I only know it is ….. and I am grateful. For example, I don’t know how I will pay this bill, I only know it is paid now and I am grateful. Or I don’t know how this argument will end positively, I only know it ends better than I expect now and I am so grateful. Insert whatever is stressing your brain out and go for it! Breath deeply and find relaxation. Stressing about the future isn’t worth it. How can you stress about something that hasn’t happened yet? Seeing the illusion of not being able to control the outcome begins to rewire your brain. It begins the hope of guess what “I can make the outcome better than what I am expecting in this moment.”

That’s it for day one.  Leave a comment or join my email list so you can be updated each day with the challenge.



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