Fear Taking Over Your Mind?

It is always best to do the opposite of what your fear is telling you to do. It is the weekend!! What are you going to do now that the weekend is here? Are you going to write down some clear cut goals with dates to achieve them by and get to working on them? Or you going to enjoy the weekend to its fullest and put off some of those goals? Either way is good it’s just do you want to be closer to your dreams or do you want to dream about them a little longer? Action steps, no matter how small helps every single day! On the other side of this little tiny fear monkey that sits on our shoulders lies freedom, happiness and just feeling great!

Maybe you feel or say to yourself “I’m stuck” I will never  be able to get out of this mess. Whether the mess be financial, relationship, or health. Here is one trick that seems to work for everyone I share it with. When you are facing a stack of bills that are your financial responsibility and you feel down, depressed, angry, sad, or maybe desperate and it’s difficult for you to even face. That is fear talking to you and through you! Identify it, name it as fear and stop the feeling. You are feeling that way about a piece of paper, about an energy that we should be happy about. Why would you be happy about a bill? Well, did you enjoy having your power this past month? Gas to keep you warm or cook with? It’s the little things we take for grant it sometimes, feeling thankful for having people trust you enough to let you have those things is great. Now when we live paycheck to paycheck and an emergency comes up and we can’t pay those other bills that is stress. Not fear, fear makes you run from it, stress makes you creative and come up with ways to handle the situation. Write down all your debts, go ahead and write them all down, look at them in the black and white. Total them up, think oh my goodness, that is a lot! And then use that stress to help figure out how to get them paid off. It is amazing, I have had so many clients do this, number them by importance to get paid off and money opportunities start to open up. New doors open, with some action steps of looking for new avenues to get money they gain momentum and guess what it is no longer that big of an issue anymore. You begin to be able to cross off those debts on the list, better feelings start to surface, and your overall courage rises. You did it!!

Doing this exercise with finances or health issues looking for ways to be pro active opens up your physical, emotional and spiritual avenues inside yourself. This is helpful because that dreadful feelings places a blanket over your head and you can’t think or see straight.  Just breath and live in the now moment, pray, believe it is better than you think, and solutions with some work are right around the corner. Go for a walk, talk to a trusted person for encouragement, dance, journal or sing as loud as you can to some upbeat music. Anything to change the vibe you are putting out that consists of lack, you don’t want to have more of that come to you.


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