Can or Do You Control Your Fear Fantasy?

Never ever let your fear shape or decide your future. Get a handle of this false evidence appearing real. The best example I can give is when you watch scary shows or movies and are laying down at night. You think you heard something, you see a plant move or power flickers you fear automatically kicks in. Why? We are allowing that part of our brain kick into overdrive, our heart rate goes up, we get paranoid, we begin to LOOK for more evidence to support that fear and we freak ourselves out! This fear is making the wolf bigger than what it really is. We need to train our minds to breath, relax and think in a different way. Begin to see the air just kicked on so that could be the noise or reason why our plant moved, power flickers at different random times during the day. There are a million explanations for this but I will tell a funny story on myself to show you how this principle can get out of control.

It was a typical day in October last year, our oldest wanted to watch a scary movie at home and it was just her, the baby and I. I put the baby down for the night and we sat up and watched a scary movie, my husband worked a night shift that night so it was only us 3 in the house. After the movie I didn’t think it was that scary. It had a couple of parts in it that surprised you but it wasn’t that bad. We went to sleep and I woke up early to take a shower. While in the shower I thought about one of the scary scenes and relived this moment in my brain as I shampooed my hair. I kid you not, the minute the shampoo went into my hair and I lathered it up the dang power went out!! Ok, power going out, in the shower, and scary movie in my head, yes you guessed it demons are now in my bathroom. I have the baby on the bed and oldest in her room. Are they safe is what I immediately thought? I jumped out of the shower and grabbed the towel, checked the baby who Is still sound asleep and went straight for the oldest bedroom. I swung open her door and in a panic said you have to come into the bathroom with me! Or at least lay down with the baby! She looked at me like I was crazy, I just woke her up with my fear fantasy going on and she said what happened? So I told her and she immediately started to laugh, and it made me stop and look at the situation. My fear fantasy had gotten way out of control in a matter of seconds. Has this ever happened to you? I checked my mindset and put it back into perspective while we laughed about it. When I got back into the shower I was laughing at myself and how far I had let my fear based thinking go, how fast it can happen and how we can suck others into the drama too.

How can this fear fantasy affect us in life? Well when you begin to dwell on the negatives or fear based thoughts we begin to form beliefs around those thoughts. Those beliefs turn into a reality based show in our brains. We attach strong feelings of fear around the situation we are dwelling on and that my friends in how we materialize it in our outer world. Those feelings catapult that image into manifestation, so it is important we begin to check our fear fantasy right when it starts. We can have fears, we all do, but we check it with questions such as “Is this really what I want to manifest or do I want to manifest the opposite?” Begin to turn your attention away from the fear and more onto the positive outcome you want. Listen to some good feeling music, dance, write it out on paper and then tear up that piece of paper or set it on fire. Watch as the symbol of your fear go up in flames, or torn up into tons of small pieces that are thrown away. You are telling yourself your fear fantasy is no longer there, you just released it and it does not have a hold on you anymore. Exercise that feeling right out of you, get outside and take a walk or run. Nature does amazing things for our bodies, we need to be outside. Get control of that fear fantasy and make it better than you thought you ever could. Attract better things and attract a better life to yourself with your thoughts and actions. The opposite of fear is your courage, feed your courage, begin feeding it with being grateful in life. If you are in a positive state you can not be in a negative state at the same time. 🙂

~Nikki Tapscott


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