Fear, Feel It?

I am fearless, I am full of courage and I am called crazy by some people. Why? Over the weekend I sat at the table and journaled about my past. I decided to write down past fearless moments and many came to mind. All the risks and chances I took and why I took them. What caused me to turn the other cheek to all the fear based talking in my head and go for it?

What I came up with is during those moments in sports, trying new things, moving, taking a new job, childbirth, marriage, business and everything else I did I noticed while I was doing it I ignored my fear. I was laser focused on the task at hand and did it. If I let fear creep in I re-focused on a mantra, on a quote and pressed on until I accomplished my goal.  If I let fear creep in I knew I would stop in my tracks and that would consume me instead of my goal.

So refocus your mind. Train it to be positive, and go after what you want. Doubts on whether it will work or not should not even enter your mind. If you had the thought and wish in the first place then you can achieve it. My grandma use to tell me all the time, if you can dream about it, then God put that dream in your mind and heart and He knows you can do it. Just believe you can, and go after it.  That is the hardest step, believing you can do it!! Move closer to your overall goal and keep on going!!!!



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