Fear, What if…….

What if you could live a life with no fear?? What would you do? What are the top 5 things you would do? Go ahead get a pen and paper out or type in the space provided what would you do first?






What is holding you back? Is that feeling again? That feeling of worth? Feeling of failure? Did you know when you think of your goal and achieving it that is the first step? When you feel it in the pit of your stomach, that knowing feeling you can have it or do it. But your heart sends out the doubt feeling into the universe that is where we mess up.  Your feeling you send out, your core feeling whether it be a fear or the opposite of fear is what you get.  So get your heart in on your goal and get action steps towards it and this is the first step of living your life without fear.  Life is supposed to be fun and filled with experiences, good or bad, don’t let one feeling that doesn’t have to rule either of us keep you from that.


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