Ask and you Shall Receive

I always loved that quote when I was little. Heck who wouldn’t love it!! My grandma would always remind me “But be careful for what you do ask for because you will receive it eventually.” I always thought I could have anything I wanted in life, and who are you to tell me I couldn’t? But as I grew up I began to see the growth in wanting and asking. For example when you are little it was usually about toys, clothes or shoes. That is still true as adult but you might have little ones you think of first so your wants for yourself go to the side. Lines begin to get blurred in the wanting department and soon it just seems to slow down and come to a halt. Nothing begins to appear for us, it seems to go backwards, bills take all the money, kids take all the money for their expenses, cars need repair or homes. There is a countless list and the money seems to be in less supply then our want list. 🙂

But I think that is where our minds got off track, our minds only see x and y. If I only have so much X in the bank or my pocket then I can only have so much Y in my life. So, how do we get back to the Ask and You Shall Receive mindset? Change your view, change your perspective about the situations. Have faith in the possibility of receiving it!!! For example, things or objects or help comes in many forms, deals, coupons, gifts, unexpected finds, you just have to be open to other possibilities. There is always a way you just have to let go of the outcome of how YOU expect to receive it. Begin to say I don’t know how I will get —- I just know I have it and I am grateful for it. Then the ask and you shall receive has a creative way of coming to you. Ask and be prepared to get it!! That way the Impossible is possible and you will prove it to yourself over and over again. You become that magnet to receiving that the majority of us enjoy being. Be grateful for the gifts you receive, feel the excitement and joy and that is the stuff the miracles are attracted to!!

Much love to you all


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