I’m possible

The very word impossible is I’m possible. That is such a great reminder to keep in the back of your head when you think for a second you can’t do something.  For some women or moms usually (sorry guys, but this does apply to some out there now) we tend to get feelings of overload and balance our lives.  We often feel inequality in the work place or at home, or a lack of status and the work overload combined with domestic responsibilities in our homes.  At one point or another we have all experienced depression and insecurity.  If we can look at it in a more positive way then maybe we can get one step closer to our goals and achieving the possible.

Insecure is the opposite of confident, worrisome is opposite of faithful.  Depression is destructive while self-confidence and faith is constructive.  If we concentrate or focus more on how to build ourselves up, or how to explode our self-confidence and faith then we would get a heck of a lot more done towards our goals.

I’m possible at its very core of the word means faith. You have to have faith in yourself, in your abilities and in a higher power whether is it God or the Universe.  Faith is the juice that gives life, power and action to the impulse of our thoughts and ideas.  Faith is the starting point, Faith is the antidote for failure.  Faith is what moves mountains when mixed with action towards your goal.  When we choose to love our lives in faith, desires and hopes will magnetize to you!! You will begin to rise above the chains that are holding you down, but you have to start.  You have to start with even a little bit of faith that it is possible, that you are possible and believe I’m possible.

Much love you all


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