Impossible? I only see Possibilities

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and acheives the impossible

Why do we label things impossible? Who says they have to be impossible? What deems that this person gets this and this person doesn’t? IF you go back to the bible, it does not say this, it says we all can have what we need and want.  If you do Law of Attraction it is the same principle except it states we are not in the same vibration as to what it is we want.  Both say we can have it, so why do we limit ourselves into not thinking we can have it? 

Belief or Fear? Belief in not being able to obtain what it is we want? Belief others minds can not be changed so therefore it is a doomed circumstance? Belief that others words are more true than the little voice in our head telling us we can do it? That is where fear goes hand in hand with belief.  Fear of failure, fear of landing face down in failure, others opinions of you holding you back. Fear to speak up and go for what you want.  And what if you weren’t scared and you believed in yourself?? What could or would you accomplish? 

What are some of those wants or needs you really want to go after but aren’t? Is it a simple one of picking up the phone and making calls to fill your calendar up with appointments? Is it fear that is you are super successful then you have to take responsibility for your life in the present moment? Meaning if you stay in the position you are in right now, hiding behind the impossible excuse then you know the results already? You are comfortable? That is that little fear monkey jumping up and down on you again, stuffing you back into a life of being comfortable.  The same routine, same results.  

What if you did a 21 day challenge and did things differently? My daughter use to tell me all the time “mom, you can do anything for 21 days” Just start and go…. Maybe you have a huge dream of a big business.  Maybe going all out for 21 days is to scary or intimidating? LIke a New Years Resolution. Well then take the focus off that and do something else.  For example you want to be making $8,000  month in your business but you just can’t seem to stay consistent with the activity to do it.  Then my advice would be make a commitment to exercise 3 to 4 times a week.  Now you are probably asking “Nik, what the heck does this have to do with making my money?” Ha-Ha, EVERYTHING!! If you can do something for yourself first then you can do anything!! Making a commitment to yourself first is the most important thing you can do. Exercise will do so much for you!! Give you energy, confidence, health, and show you that you can do anything.  I’m telling you it is a key to so much life changing stuff.  It is a key that will open many doors, even 20 minutes a day will make a huge difference in you and your circumstances.  

When I first started I made a chart that I hung on my refrigerator that had 21 columns on it and then I wrote in what exactly i expected from myself on each of those days.  Such as drink 5 glasses of water, stretching, running/walking, weight lifting, swimming, hiking, eating more fruits/veggies, and so on.  I made a point system, for each thing I accomplished I gave myself 5 points.  Then I had a subtractor things such as if I drank more than 1 Dr Pepper in a day I subtracted 15 points.  I missed exercise I subtracted 15 points.  I tell you what you get competitve with yourself.   You can spark a passion inside of you again that you had when you were younger.  At end of 21 days I felt a ton better and if I made my points goal I got a treat such as new shoes, or something else I wanted.  This evolves into going after goals in your business too. 🙂 then the Impossible is Possible!! 

Much love….


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