What Kind of Dreams Do You Have?

I think many of our dreams hold so much information for us, like a gentle push from God/Universe at times.

I woke up today with a refreshed feeling of having what I want and I am so grateful for it.  I had a gentle reminder that in my dream my “reality” was taken away, my happiness, my heart (so to speak) what I had worked so hard for was gone by someone else’s control. This all to often sounds for most people a way of life in their awake times, in their real life and feel helpless.  I too felt trapped, angry, lashed out in my dream, rebelled, frustrated, and sad I had allowed someone to trap me, to keep me confined and I was trying every which way not to be stuck in this dream.  I squirmed, I fought back, I was vocal and fighting back.  It was like I was kidnapped from my happiness and love.

After waking up I had a renewed sense of just how grateful for things and people around me.  That it was only a dream, that my mind had put limits on me and really in our day-to-day lives it is our mind that has limited us to not reaching those goals we so badly want.  In that dream I just had to wake up, know that what it was that I wanted so badly I already had.  When I woke up it was the best feeling in the world.

I challenge you today to lift up those limiting beliefs you have on yourself and reach up and wake up!! Maybe you had a dream stealer and they deflated your dream instead of inflating it.  Think about this

“If I care too much about what others think then I will doubt myself and lose confidence in my ability to move forward.  From now on I will value my own opinion and trust my intuition.”  You really have all you need to get your goal deep down inside of you.  Visualize it, keep putting action steps towards it everyday, and you will see results!! Get out of that comfort zone of yours and start reaching out further and further everyday. DO what you dislike to do first everyday, make a list and start marking off as you go along during the day, exercise, eat right to keep your energy and balance and meditate real quick if you can to quiet your soul and mind.

Much love!!!


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