How Do You Break Through Your Fear?

The world you see is an outward picture of an inward condition, perception is a choice not a fact…..

Did your little fear monkey kick in anytime over the weekend? I got to thinking why do we depend on this little guy so much to help determine what our life is like? Have you ever heard the saying “what you think about most is what will manifest or happen?” In some way or another it happens? Sometimes these things can happen right away or sometimes it takes a little bit to manifest. Often if I find myself thinking in fear or anger I begin to realize it and state to myself “is this more of what I want? Or do I want a better outcome than what I am thinking about right now?” This often will wake me up and snap me out of my constant self chatter.

I whole heartedly believe fear resides in us due to lack of knowledge.  It is that simple.  What do you get all worked up over? Money? Not being able to pay bills? Go places or get things you want? Many marriages and relationships fall apart due to finances, Why?  How do you know a big positive change isn’t around the corner? How do you know if you make a call or apply somewhere or reach out and communicate with others that these actions won’t bring about a change! Always trying a new way will bring about different results!!! But it starts inside of you, dissolve that fear so you can move forward in life.  Read an article, blog, or book and put those thoughts in action.  If you had a fleeting thought that you could do it then that is enough to get you started moving.

The key here is action, not just wanting action, where you wish while sitting down all day. It is moving, like putting both feet in front of each other.  You may not know all the steps to get yourself out of the situation you put yourself in but trust in yourself and apply action steps, you will see the fear dissolve and your goals start to come to life.

There is a difference between excited scary and fear!! Fear freezes you from accomplishing your dreams, it keeps you stuck, it clouds your thinking and creates doubt in you, in your mind, and in your soul.  This is the fear you have to break through to have an unstoppable, miracle manifesting YOU!The excited scary feeling is when you begin to see just how powerful you are, your dreams are coming true and you do it anyway! You are excited and can see the change, feel it and you keep going. This is the healthy feeling, this is what you want, the butterflies in your stomach but you keep going.

Enjoy today and push through that fear monkey that is trying to keep you from your dreams!!!


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