Conversations with Yourself

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe.” ~Oprah Winfrey

Let that soak in, way into your mind.  Not just disliking the outside appearance of your world, things you would like to change such as finances, job, health or relationships.  But let that sink in to what words do you use on a daily basis, how do you talk to yourself? You know when you are doing mindless activities, such as washing dishes, showering, folding laundry or vacuuming what do you talk to yourself about? Do you have conversations about future events that you know you will have a confrontation with someone? Such as troubles with the spouse or kids or relative or boss and you imagine some conversation that will take place.  Is it you expecting an arguement? Or is it filled with peace and love? Most people’s talk in imaginary land are not peaceful or filled with any type of love.  We keep ourselves in a constant state of turmoil over a future event that hasn’t happened.  Maybe you are stuck in a past event or situation in your mind and you keep re-playing that over and over during your daily events.

Here is what is happening on a level you may not be aware of.  As you have these conversations with yourself over and over, because it is never just think and let go once, we have these over and over with ourselves, you are creating a neural pathway in your brain.  You are essentially carving out a new path atoms can travel up and down and it is a darker path.  These thoughts you have over and over become a new habit, a new expectation in your life, so guess what that’s what you will attract because that is what you constantly talk to yourself about.  This is where you hear if you constantly vibrate in a low-frequency you don’t attract the miracles and good in your life.  This is the starting point of this thought habit we get use to doing and seeing it manifest in all areas of our life.  Just because that one thought you think about all the time doesn’t happen that way you block any good outcomes or better than you expected outcomes to come to you.

So what do we do when travel this path and it is now a pathway in our mind? We become more aware of our conversations with ourselves, we become aware and gently remind ourselves this is not what we really want.  Those angry or sad conversations hurt and that is not what we really want to attract.  Ask yourself do you want this or something better? Regardless if you think the outcome couldn’t get better you have to convince yourself it could be better than you expect.  An example is have you ever been in a car and everyone in there is bickering and arguing? The energy in the car is ugh, get me to my destination quick! As a mom I have experimented with this many times.  I change my energy output, I begin to breathe a little deeper, put a smile on face and begin to think of pleasant things.  I swear within minutes the car is calmer and before I know it others in the car are laughing and we are having a great time together.  The same thing can happen with our little talks we have with ourselves.

With love



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