Knock that Monkey Off

The real secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new ~Socrates

While driving yesterday I had a thought, you know when you hear people say in their businesses “but I don’t have anyone else to talk to about this, or I have run out of people” or maybe in a personal situation you have heard “I don’t have anyone to talk to”.  Did it ever occur to any of us maybe the one singe person that can change our life, change our outlook, create new sale is YOURSELF? Think about it, if the ego (our little sneaky monkey) is sitting on our shoulder whispering in our own ear those words of I have no one else to talk to, I don’t know where to start isn’t that tricky little guy putting a fog in front of your very own eyes? Knock that monkey off and see clearly!!

Remember how our beautiful ego loves to keep us stuck, keep us in a perpetual state of fear so we don’t grow or bloom into the person we want to be? Why? It is based on fear.  If we stay stuck then we are safe, we are in our comfort zones.  If we go outside the comfort zone then we are told danger by some internal scope we have deep down inside us.  We aren’t programmed by this until we meet some experience when we were young that taught us to feel and see this way.  We in essence are trying to keep ourselves safe.  Good to a point but bad when we want something outside that circle of comfort.  Is going for your dreams more dangerous than being stuck? No because they are your dreams and only you can reach them.  We inflict our own pain upon ourselves by trying to predict the future.  Has the future happened yet? NO, then your pain and fear is all for nothing because it hasn’t happened yet, it is an illusion in your own mind, made up with fake “oh this could happen emotions”!! None of that play you have playing out in your head is real….. No one can control the future and this is your secret weapon!! If it doesn’t exist and no one can control it then why don’t you rethink you’re not so good episode into a positive one and state this or something better!!!

Don’t let anyone else that has given up on their dreams take yours away.  Get out there and start living each day to the fullest, declare out loud today is a great day, better than I can ever imagine. Miracles are happening for me today!! Then watch, be thankful when you can be over events and truly enjoy your life.  You only have one so live it the way you want to.. Not the way others think you should.

Much love


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