Self Imposed Limits

Amplifying wht is great within you will accelerate your life faster than trying to “fix” what you “think” “limits” you ~Brendon Buchard author of The Charge

I love that quote has to be one of my new favorites!! I have been talking to so many people lately and a common thread among us is we have been focusing far to long on what our limits are. Waking up in the morning with heaviness on our shoulders already.  Instead of greeting the day with happiness and anticipation of what the new day will bring we wake up upset over what happened yesterday or last week still. That tape replaying in our head and automatically setting the tone for our day.  

What are some of your self imposed limits? I have been teetering on some projects that I know will be successful and why haven’t I started them? Because I think of all the fifty thousand reasons (really not that many) of why they shouldn’t work and talk myself out of it before I really get started.  Such as so and so will use it against me, I will have to defend myself again, I don’t know the people that will help me later on when I need it to go further, oh I can come up with many. LOL But that is me limiting myself before I even get started.  Instead of focusing on the ONE reason why it will work, the one reason why I believe it will work. That is all you need, the belief in yourself, the belief in your dreams and the belief in the end result.  Push all those other limiting thoughts aside, if they do creep in then push them all into an imaginary balloon and let them drift off into the sunset.  

Get on with the life you invision for yourself.  Not the life others think you should live.  Let them live their own. Because when it comes down to it, all of us have unique struggles, all of us are in the same boat just different circumstances.  Just some are more selfish than others and want to keep you stuck also. You have the potential, you have the drive and you have to take the action steps to keep going each day.  

Recently I was reminded that each and everyday you should show up in life.  Not just cruise around all day long, stuck in the same routine. Again you are limiting your potential if you are not stretching yourself each and every day. Stretching yourself as in doing one extra thing today. Get the one thing on your list that is dreaded and do it!   It feels so much better to not have it hanging over your head when you get your least favorite thing out of the way.  Frees up your day, frees up your mind and you took action steps.  This builds your momentuem up every day and before you know it you are on your way to achieving your goals.  Small steps leads to big things!!! Showing up in life every day means you are busting through your own limits.  

What will you do today? Whats on your list that you haven’t wanted to do but can do today? Let’s get it done and marked off your to-do list.  🙂 What positive action step can you take towards your goals? 


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