Happiness is a Choice That’s Yours

Last year I was told I look at things to positively.  I should be allowing myself to be in pain more.  I can understand someone wanting you to feel emotions and I do. But to tell me I should go around every day with my head in the sand and feel terrible is just retarded.  Why would anyone want to live like this?? Why would you wish someone else to live like this unless you too are miserable and want the company in your own pity party.

My response was it is my choice on how I live my life.  Happiness is a choice and I choose to live like that to the best of my ability every day.  For years I had already lived in misery, every day was long, drawn out, I had no purpose other than my routine.  I didn’t enjoy life very much.  Before this dark time period I had lived every day to my fullest.  I wanted to experience anything and everything in life.  I was happy, loud, opinionated and always smiling.  My light inside me was bright and huge.  What happened? Someone came along and I allowed them to dim that light.

I watched a show the other night I think it was Dateline and they had four teenagers on there that were being bullied. The teens had decided changing their looks would help them gain confidence with the bullies.  There reason was if the problem isn’t there anymore then they won’t bully me.  What got me really thinking is when the interviewer asked “If you were in beauty pageants winning, and one little girl at school calls you ugly and starts to tease and bully you what gives her so much power over how you feel about yourself?” Wow!! That is a great question because as adults I find this true also!! We give other people our power, make their opinion matter more than our own about ourself.  You think something is wrong with me? Oh you must be right… You think my nose is too big? Wake up the next morning and goodness I never noticed but they are right my nose is too big.  What the heck is going on? Why do we let negative comments override our own opinions that are positive about ourselves? One of these teens had convinced herself her bully was so right she began to feel she was so ugly she couldn’t be around people, she was to ugly!! That is crazy how much we can give power of our thinking to others!!

I could have thought maybe these people are right and I am to happy. I do think positively too much.  What the heck?? I have been down both paths positive and negative.  When I was negative I got nothing in life.  I felt depressed, in lack all the time like a dark cloud was over my head.  When I am in a positive mindset I get so much more accomplished and feel great!

Moral is your thinking is your own bottom line.  You may have been taught or conditioned to think a certain way because that’s what they want you to believe in life.  At some point you have to take responsibility for yourself, your own thoughts and start to question why they want to change you and your life.  Don’t they have a life of their own? The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood and think positively about yourself.  It feels better to be optimistic, the world is a better place to live when you feel happy and positive. People around you notice your happiness and you can make them feel better too.



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