Birthdays, What Do They Mean To You?

Today is my birthday!! Yay! 🙂 I received a fun little birthday email this morning that had some fun information in it.  It was a guide depending on what day you were born is the type of personality you could have.  I posted mine below with the link to check out to see if it is correct about you.

27 – SELFLESSNESS HUMANITARIANISM – You have a deep yearning for knowledge.  You use your logical mind and strong intuition to guide you.  You get psychic haunches and dreams.  Your emotional side; however, is not that predictable.  You are rooted in your spirituality and may love nature, yoga, meditation, or living in the country.  You are well mannered, the perfect guest or perfect host.  You have a loving, generous, sensitive nature and work well with others.  You are broad-minded and tolerant showing much sympathy and compassion.  Your sensitivity could cause some mood swings.  Your empathic nature may lead you into sympathy pains.  For this reason you may want to withdraw because you feel so vulnerable.  Perfectionism may cause you to be hard on yourself.  The sense of perfection may also lead you to not feeling good enough.  In relationships you are affectionate and seek a partner to nurture.  You have the ability to make your partner feel special.  The physical influence of a 27/9 may be red hair and freckles, high cheekbones and a high voice.  You often have long legs.  You might be prone to skin allergies or headaches or blood sugar imbalances.  You may work as a diplomat, peacemaker, humanitarian or leader in any field.  Other careers may be in philosophy, psychology, spirituality, history, therapy, medicine, or art.

Enjoy! I know I am having an amazing day already filled with blessings and miracles. 🙂


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