Negative Self Thoughts

5 Steps to Eliminate
Negative Thoughts…

 By Richard A. Luck
Did you know that, although you walk around in a body, you actually live in your thoughts?

I don’t mean that you have thoughts that you listen to all day – you actually *live* in your thoughts.

It’s these thoughts that create our self-beliefs.

They can also create the mortal enemy of belief, which is self-doubt.

So it’s time to become better acquainted with the tone and dynamic of your inner voice.

Focus on what you are really like as you talk to yourself throughout the day.

You might be shocked to find out your voice routinely tells you it’s OK to be lazy… eat that bag of M&M’s even though dinner is in an hour… ignore your partner after dinner even though you know you have important matters to discuss.

Few people realize that we are not our thoughts — rather we have the power to create and alter them.

We can choose to turn out thoughts into positive forces to help produce the life we really want.

====>Learning to listen to your thoughts will give you the opportunity to change your life.

The voices in your head reflect your self-beliefs and even create them.

They are at the core of your limiting beliefs and self-doubts.

Spend times in the day ahead become more aware of your thoughts and self-talk.

I recommend keeping a thought journal.

Here are five steps to get you started:

1. At least three times a day sit down for a few minutes and write down the thoughts going through your head at that moment. It doesn’t matter how trivial the thoughts are. Write them down.

2. Write your thoughts down in a variety of situations: while sitting in traffic, while standing at the stove watching your dinner simmer, while you’re surfing the internet, before going to bed, after work, etc.

Writing frequently in the journal in a variety of situations will help you better understand your personality by uncovering the patterns in your comments.

Make an effort to notice recurrent themes that shape your self-beliefs and doubts.Some examples of common themes might include low self-esteem (“I just know I’m going to screw up!l”)… anxiety about terrible things that could happen (“What if he gets mad and fires me?”)… anger (“I’ll leave him if he says that again!”)… fears of many kinds, including, accidents, the unknown, death, sickness and more.

3. Use a voice recorder (cell phones often have them), notebook, the computer or even post-it notes for your journal. Whatever is easiest for you.

4. Don’t edit! This is a common mistake, but you won’t learn much unless you write down the exact words of your thoughts. Writing down the words that provoke, justify or demand these behaviours provides insight into what is really in your head. So you can start to separate from them and take charge of your life.

5. Remember this above all: not all your thoughts are bad or boring! You’ll learn good things about yourself too.

Once you finally know what your thoughts are – you can start using your voice of reason to silence the thoughts that hold you back!


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