Do You Fear Success?

How many of you have ever heard of your fear of succeeding is more than your fear of failure? When I first heard this line I thought, are you crazy? I want to succeed but then those pesky self-limiting behaviors appeared to hold me back in the beginning.  You too?

Here are some steps to find out if your fear of success is bigger than failure.

1.  If you could look into the future what would your ramifications be if you did see yourself successful? Or what would it cost you to set out and achieve those goals you set for yourself?

Those fears can cost you your goals.  Just the thought of the fear alone can stop you dead in your tracks from working on those goals.  The fear can be so real for you that it paralyzes you, and now is the time to re-word those fears before they take hold in your journey this time.  Figure them out a head of time so you can dismiss them as they come up.  Fear is imaginary, it hasn’t happened yet, you are imagining it will so do the opposite.  Imagine it won’t. 🙂

2. Once you recognize your fears begin to be a possibility expert on yourself.  Begin to think of multiple “good, positive outcomes”  As many as you can.  Shoot for 8 outcomes that you can imagine yourself.  You open up your possibilities and you open up doors that were once closed.  Sometimes the best is when you don’t think of a possibility and it shows up out of the blue.  If you were still in fear the out of the blue possibility could not have come your way.  Do not stop your miracle before it happens.

3. Prepare yourself you are going forward now.  Get excited about the unknown and the possibility of what could happen next.  You are spreading your wings to fly and you are taking off in this moment.  Motivation, momentum are your keys and will lift you up to get past your first hurdle of fear.  With each hurdle you go over, remember it is a process and there will be another but you are brave enough to reach your goal.  Go for it!!!

Enjoy ~


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