Motivating Habits

Who is with me on this one? And where is a post it note when you need one? I have tons of lists, with one master list in a notebook that highlights what all I want to do in life.  Like travel, business success, house, car, a vision board of sorts but in a notebook.

Have you ever written in the margins of an old magazine? Or woken up in the middle of the night and needed those post its? For me to type on my phone wakes me up even more from the light on it.  🙂 So I like post its in the night, and yes I do wake up with some brilliant ideas in the night, like I dreamed about them.  Then in the morning when I fully wake up my awesome ideas get pushed to the side because my lack of motivation is there to follow through on them.  What’s a girl to do? I know get into a new habit!!

I recently read that we can throw out that old belief of it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Here we go again with challenging our beliefs and adopting ones that work for us.  I am all for not having to develop a habit that takes me 21 days to develop, why can’t I just wake up tomorrow and wah-la a new habit is embedded in my brain?

The first crucial step is rethinking what a habit is. In the old world of my brain,  you might say perfecting the tango or following a healthier diet is a habit. But  these habits take an awful lot of motivation. For example, the habit I would  like cultivate is running. I ran all the time in middle and high school, short distance but I was good.  I won state titles and loved the feeling that came from it.  But running has remained a fantasy for quite a while,  because it requires finding the time and surviving the pain. My body isn’t what it use to be after kids and a lot of time passing.  Not to mention  buying a jogging bra, because mine dates back to 1995, if I can even find it; and a new one will require a  trip to the store, which in turn requires parking in the lot and fighting over  carts.  Plus packing the kids and going through the store having to not only go look for a bra but having to go to the toy isle too.  Catch my drift here? Obviously the first new habit would be a better way to look at this situation then go from there.

These self-defeating obstacles are why “people tell themselves things like ‘You just gotta  have the willpower!’ or ‘You’ve gotta motivate yourself!'”. “And then  soon, that motivation slips,” regardless of how many days you’ve spent trying to  acquire the habit or how many other habits you’re trying to accomplish too.

So how do we combat this self defeat? There are so many programs, cds, dvds, books and websites out there to help you do just that. All have you spend your money to not follow through. Frustrating!! What works the best for me is a reward system.  Yes REWARDS!! Love rewards! I get a huge poster board and start making columns on it.  I am sure you could do the same on a spreadsheet but I like to go big and see it every time I walk by my wall.  I see check marks or I borrow the kids stickers.  Every night before I go to bed I honestly put a check by what I did that day to move me closer to my goal.  It is basic and simple and it works! My reward comes when I have completed all my to-do’s on the board.  If you want a sample of one now message me and I will help you set one up.  If not we will have a post with pictures at a later date because I have some huge goals to accomplish soon and I need the motivation and accountability to get them done.



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