New Light On Old Ways of Thinking

Taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgements gives you the power to change them ~Byron Katie

When our stories in our mind over take us we can sometimes slip deeper and deeper into a black hole.  Have you ever been there at some point in your life?  If we can remind ourselves when we do slip into this hole it is just a story we made up to torture ourselves we can usually pull out of it.  why not be able to tell ourselves the opposite of what we feel to change our outlook? Think about it for a second.  We all strive for that happier life right? So imagine for a moment, if you can picture your life in a better state, a happier mood everyday then why can’t you have it? If you fool yourself into believing that what is going on around you is true then you can fool yourself into believing there is a better way.

I once read an article that stated all successful, wealthy business people have a level of consciousness that does just this.  They believe in themselves before anyone else does.  They believe what they want is possible even though “reality” tells them otherwise.  They don’t look on the outside of their life for their answers they trust their gut and go with their intuition to move them to a better place.  This is that “faith” thing we talk about often.

So what steps can we do to get us to a better place? These are pretty easy and duplicatable, and even though our minds are not used to be told how we are going to feel and we will snap out of the self-torture it is something that is possible.

Step one: ask yourself “Is this true?” Is it true?

This question can change your life in an instant. Be still and ask yourself if the thought you  wrote down is it true? Really bust through your beliefs and adopt new ones that will help you get to your goal.

Step two:  Can I absolutely know without a shadow of doubt that this thought is true? Or did you adopt it a long time ago because someone told you it and you made it true? An example I was in an abusive marriage and my then husband use to tell me how worthless I was. Now that was his belief not mine.  I saw myself as so much better than that and I got the courage to divorce him.  Keep in mind even people we hardly know can say a comment about us or in reference to us or maybe even a belief about hard work and we adopt it.  Why? Because we trust them, we look up to them, now is the time to take back our beliefs, question them and get to know what we truly believe in.

Step three:  What is your reaction to that certain belief or thought?

When that belief or thought pops in your head because it is just a story we have made up and put tons of explanations or excuses to back it up as true how do you react? Does it make you feel invincible? Or does it make you feel defeated and depressed? How do you want to feel? It is easy to make up tons of new excuses and events to back up a new belief.

For example let’s say you want to be a successful business person.  Your old beliefs are it is to hard, too much work, too much time is consumed in it, you have to give up to much to get what you want.  Then you have examples to back up each one of these excuses and just makes your deflated goal that much harder.  So let’s flip it around, do the power of 5 a day.  5 little or big things to work towards your goal.  Maybe you email prospects (2 a day), make one call, pass out at least 3 business cards and get numbers to follow-up.  That is your 5 a day and guess what it didn’t take all day.  You do this everyday and you will see improvement.

Step four: Who would you be without this lacking thought?

How would your life be different without this lacking, nagging thought?  Can you picture yourself in a new way? Can you feel how happy you are in a new situation? With new outcomes? Go ahead and take a little trip in your head and see if you can imagine at least 7 different scenarios to what you want to happen.  Why 7? Really expand your mind, think about it all day, and this opens up new possibilities to your goal.



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