Motivation with Procrastination

We are all busy, everyday we wake up to a new list of stuff to do along with the old list of what we should have done the day before.  Ever started a day when you are already behind the 8 ball? Not a good feeling to wake up to, seems like the fall months that always happens with school in full swing, kids, holidays are creeping up and work.

What in the world makes up keep putting things off? I use to juggle at least twelve different things in my life all at once, have them all up in the air and keep them up there while I constantly worked on them all everyday.  Have I been over taken by something in my head?  Or have I shifted my perception and started wanting them completed so I can cross them off my list? Maybe it’s because I have kids and school and now a new baby on the way (3 more weeks) and my list never stops.  I actually sat down last night and made a list of things I would like to have completed before this bundle of joy arrives.  Right now I am lucky to have a lot of energy each day.  What do you use an excuse as to why you procrastinate? Other things get in your way each day? To much to do? Don’t have time to finish it all? Or how about motivation, or lack of it.  I have read all the tips to stop procrastination but what if you lack the motivation to start your list?

Treat rewards work very well for me.  I talk to myself and say “If I get this, this and this done today by a time then I will reward myself with a small treat.” Which is usually a mocha but it works.  I get to work right away and get it all done.  These work for short-term goals of mine I need to get done today.  I do that because all of those little action steps work towards my long-term goals.

Keep moving, sitting to take a break you will defeat your purpose. Put on upbeat music, fight through “laziness” and just get it done, and change your thoughts that you keep saying to yourself.

Maybe you are filled with thoughts of I am so tired.  Have you ever caught yourself saying this to yourself? I have…..I read once if you catch yourself saying this then immediately smile and repeat seven times in a row, I am full of energy today, I am full of energy today….. Change your negative thoughts into a positive one immediately and you will find a huge difference in your motivation. It is often just that simple, our thoughts dictate a lot of our day. 🙂



One thought on “Motivation with Procrastination

  1. My daily struggle. I can’t pinpoint what exactly is holding me back right now. Some days I can change the negative thoughts and push on through. Some days I can’t. But I keep trying. Good advice overall.

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