How well do you concentrate? On  a scale of 1 to 10 where do you place yourself? I thought I was about a 8 or so but after thinking about it I discovered I needed to rethink this.

Do you remember yourself as a kid and having a magnifying glass? Did you ever hold that magnifying glass out and burn a leaf or piece of paper to see if it worked? I had to test this out for myself to see if it really did.  I remember sitting there for hours getting the correct space between the magnifying glass and leaf.  If the distance was to short or to far away nothing happened.  If I began paying attention to my arm and hand getting tired I would have to start all over again.  The perfect space that was between the glass and leaf meant the rays of sunlight were at the focused enough to burn the leaf.  This experience is the  best definition of concentration.  Concentration is our ability to laser like focus on what it is we want. It is burned so far down deep inside of us only the correct amount of focus and action will do the job.

Developing this type of concentration is essential to anyone that wants to make changes in their lives.  To just want it is not enough, you have to focus on ways and action steps to get there.   This skill is what makes possible any type of success.  Without it, our efforts  get scattered like leaves blowing in the wind, but with it, we can accomplish great things.

Like a muscle in our body we have to train our mind in concentration.  There are exercises I will blog about this week to help us train our minds.  This post would get way to long if I did it all today. 🙂

To gain a bigger picture our thoughts are constant.  It is what we unconsciously think, the thoughts that come and go and always claim our attention unnecessarily.  We don’t focus on breathing our body just does this for us. Wouldn’t be nice if one day our thoughts were so focused our brain just automatically thought good thoughts and focused on only what we want in life.  Instead of being weighed down with all the other mind cluttering thoughts?

Let’s look at the benefits of concentration before explore the exercises tomorrow.

Control of your thoughts, ability to focus your mind, peace of mind, freedom, better memory, self-confidence, inner strength, willpower, ability to study and comprehend more quickly, feeling of happiness, efficient use of creative visualization or meditation and a peaceful feeling.  The drive to succeed is bigger and making changes that you want in life is within reach now.

Enjoy ~


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