The Fish Story

A man wakes up in the morning and decides to go fishing.  He goes to the dock, sits down, pulls out his fishing line and throws it in.  On the dock, there’s another fisherman who seems to be catching quite a few fish.  With every fish this fisherman catches, he takes it to the side of the dock where there is a ruler.  After measuring each fish, he keeps some and throws some back.  Afer observing this behavior for some time, the first man approaches the other fisherman and says “What’s up? Why are you throwing some fish back and keeping others? What are you looking for?”

The other fisherman replies, “I’ve got a twelve-inch pot at my house. The only fish I keep are the ones under twelve inches.  Fish that are bigger, I can’t use so I throw them away.”

The lesson here is like this fisherman we limit ourselves in some way sometimes without realizing it.  WE are constantly trying to fit the Universe’s or God’s abundance into our small pot.  What would happen if we expanded our pot instead of placing limits on our abundance?



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