Patterns We Choose in Life

We must be willing to release the patterns in our lives that are creating conditions we say we do not want.  What does that mean exactly? How do I change what I don’t want when I clearly keep getting in my life? The easiest way for me to explain this would be if you are not happy with how you look. Whether you think you are overweight, not toned enough or don’t look like Barbie.  I hear  tweens and teens pick themselves apart in a second, naming everything they hate about the way they look.  Now I have always said if you choose to do this type of behavior then I want you to turn around and for each item on your body you think you do not like then find 3 that you do.

Day after day we still stick to the same tape running in our mind of I am overweight, I wish I could lose weight or tone my body or just wish that my body looked better.  You can substitute behavior of someone else here, making more money or anything else not going right in your life.  Do you see what you and everyone else is doing here?  I do it, you are not alone until I realize I am doing it. I am wishing, day dreaming, wanting but not doing anything about it.  It is easy to lose a day thinking about what you want in life.  It is easy to have the day slip by you with all the routine things you do and not be able to fit anything else in your schedule to “fix” changes you want.  We are special living organisms, we are smart and resourceful, this makes us different from any other living thing on the planet.

If you want a better looking body only action activities will bring it.  If you want others to behave differently this begins with you acting differently.  IF you want more money this requires action on your part.  See the pattern? See that being consistent in any activity to reach your goal is what is key. Going back to the first sentence in this blog “We must be willing to release the patterns in our lives that are creating conditions we say we do not want.” is how we release the patterns in our lives that are creating the conditions you do not want.  You develop NEW patterns, a new lifestyle, you do this through knowledge and action.  It is the only way my friends. An overhaul on your own life creates new results immediately and long-term.  You can do it.  It begins with your mind set and branches out from there.


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