What Do You Deserve?

One very true, cut to the chase belief that we don’t deserve to have or need is: The only thing that keeps you from deserving, or loving yourself, or holding you back is someone else’s belief or opinion of you that you have accepted as true.

If you really think about what holds you back from achieving your dreams or goals fear is usually number one answer.  Whether its fear of failure, of people not liking you, or letting others down.  Did you have this fear when you were learning how to walk or sound out words when you were a toddler?  Most toddlers I know ae fearless until they are taught about danger and adults telling them they can’t do this or that.  Our personal power lies in the way we perceive our deservability.  Start busting through why you feel afraid or what’s holding you back.  Dig deep, write them down and then begin to see how others words shaped your own beliefs.  Start seeking inside yourself for a different belief, you can always change your own mind.  You are allowed to do that.



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