Fears Side Effects

What is fear? I blog about it all the time it seems.  Is it that rush of emotions that overtake us and disable us faster than a speeding bullet? Or maybe for some it is what spurs an action that would otherwise not have happened in an instant.  For example someone breaking into your house or standing face to face with an enemy.  Do you sit frozen or are you proactive and take action? Fear does many things to our body but for some it is still a mystery but a clear emotion that they feel and inhibits them from doing things.

Fear is a limitation of our minds.  For many people they create a fear in their mind first such as becoming homeless, worse case scenario for what they are thinking about or even getting sick before it even happens.  Heck, don’t fear an outcome, let it come, you can handle anything should be the way we think about things.  Anger is fear that becomes a defense mechanism.  We get angry at our kids for something “dumb” they did out of fear.  We often feel protected because we error on the side of caution, really the side of fear.  Nice way to disguise that isn’t it? Doing your own affirmations such as whatever happens I will make it through, or I am one with the Power that created me.  I am safe. All is well in my world.  Any Bible verse, any inspirational quote or your own affirmation to help you release the fear and think of better outcomes will begin to get you living out of fear and in the present moment.

We create it all inside first then begin to display certain behaviors to make it come true.  Every experience, every relationship, is the mirror of a mental pattern that we have inside of us, begin to look at your outside to see what you are thinking on the inside.  When we are on a streak of really being frightened or upset or worried or not liking ourselves, isn’t it amazing how everything goes wrong in our lives? One thing after another enters our world to help produce more events to promote more fear and worry.

The opposite is true, begin to notice and become aware, stop thinking that way, center yourself. You can do activities to center yourself such as meditation, a walk outdoors, gardening (pulling weeds or digging) gets frustrations out then plant at least one or two pretty flowers in its place.  Clearing out clutter in your home is a huge release! You are doing the work, you see results and chaos is not around you anymore.  Clean off your desk at work, organize and you will feel tons better!! Then you shift your energy, you shift your mind and you begin to get better results, which is what we want right?

When you are in the flow of love and positivity remind yourself constantly, this is how I enjoy feeling.  Not all contracted and tense, deep breaths and be grateful for feeling better.  Begin your gratitude journal and write in it all day.  Make a folder in your phone so you can type in it or there has to be a gratitude app by now for your phone.  Enjoy your day~


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