Have you ever heard of walking on hot coals? I keep hearing about people doing this and yes you guessed it I am interested.  Tony Robbins has brought it over to the United States and holds these fire walking classes.   We all think it is totally impossible to walk on hot coals without burning your feet right? Yet people have done this and made it without their feet being burnt up.  How? I always think of those that have cancer and can experience this process must help them see their own self-imposed limitations.  Goodness how powerful that must be to prove to yourself in one evening how your mind creates what you think will happen.  It teaches you to go beyond your limitations and fears.

Love this quote: I live and dwell in the totality of possibilities.  Where I am there is all good.  Think about this for a moment. How could that little quote change your outlook today? When you believe anything is possible, you open yourself up to answers in every area of your life.  Your solutions come so much easier and out of the blue usually.  We either have the walls up around us or we can take them down and feel safe enough to be totally open to allow all good to come into our lives.


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