Old Patterns Turning to New Patterns

I love learning and opening up others minds to different avenues to open everyone’s minds to achieving what they want in life.  Here are some great tips to  learning your roadblocks and how to “fix” or re-train your brain.

1. Make certain pain is fully associated with the old pattern.  Whether it is laziness, a bad experience in your life whatever it is when you think of your old behavior or feelings, do you picture and feel things are painful now instead of pleasurable.

2. Make certain pleasure is fully associated with the new patterns.  (This is where visualization in Law of Attraction comes in).  When you think of your new behavior or feelings, do you picture and feel things that are pleasurable now instead of painful?

3.  Align with your values, beliefs and rules.  Is his new goal or habit consistent with the values, beliefs, and rules in your life? Do you see yourself grateful for what it is you want? Can you feel the joy of receiving it?

4. Make sure the benefits of the old pattern have been maintained.  What you ask?  This means before in our old pattern we got satisfaction from staying in pain.  As humans one of our biggest fault is we think our problems are really our problems.  We think we should not have them.  When really having them we grow as a human, we need to turn the pain to a pleasure.  I saw last night that a widow was stuck in her label of being a widow.  She was so mad because God took her husband from here and they had an epic love story.  She stated her gratitude got buried with him.  She first admitted being mad at God for not doing what she wanted him to do.  She had set up the guidelines for God to play by.  Instead she began to look at the situation differently by changing how the pain could turn into something much more positive.  She was presented with a different way to look at the situation.  Such as she loved someone so deeply that it was a way for God to love her through her husband.  It had raised the bar on any future relationship and she would not settle for less.  It is also a life tool that if she could get past the anger and learn to feel the pain to heal she could help others.  Her husband had died of cancer and realized other couples when going through this don’t have the love they shared.  She could use this gift to help others. See how turning around our stories to a different way of thinking about them can change it all? A fresh perspective for us all!!

5. Future pace – Imagine yourself behaving in this way in the future.  Imagine the thing that would have triggered you to adopt the old pattern.  Feel certain that you can use your new pattern instead of the old one.  Interrupt the old pattern every time it shows up! State out loud the complete opposite, be outrageous and catch your own attention!

Reach out to others for help on a new positive way to re-tell your story. So you can go ahead in your future. 🙂



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