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I recently had the chance to attend Unleash the Power Within (UPW) a Tony Robbins Seminar in Los Angeles California. I have been following Tony Robbins for some time now and greatly appreciate his work and his contribution to improving and expanding human possibility. Our lives today and our futures are mediated by our own limitations. I have always believed in breaking past social norms and expectations and blasting through new levels of human potential and accomplishment. The line “if you believe you will achieve” is true in it’s very essence. The power of belief is real. People in society tend to focus on their limitations: I’m too fat, I’m going to get heart disease because dad had it, I’m stupid, I’m depressed and am living a horrible life; and this only propels them toward a negative outcome. What you tell yourself every minute of every day is what you will believe. What you focus on is so important. If you tell yourself that you are too fat, you will never lose weight because you are focusing on the weight. If you tell yourself that you can’t take being unhealthy another minute and you are going to take massive action, you will! I had an amazing time last weekend in L.A. I walked on 2000 degree hot coals. I dove deep into my subconscious and pulled out my greatest fears and limiting beliefs and broke through them. I shared some of my deepest fears and most personal visions with absolute strangers. I jumped and celebrated with no bathroom breaks and one meal break a day and I walked out a bigger, more powerful person from the inside out. I’d encourage everyone to gain a mentor for life and a spiritual guide. The sole has an amazing power and it needs to be nurtured. Here is what Tony calls his ultimate success formula. I like it because in relation to helping recreate my patients health, it is a great concept to kindle emotion, awareness, vision and purpose. The Ultimate Success Formula-Tony Robbins 1.Know your outcome. What are your goals. 2.Know the reasons why it is a MUST. If it is a must an absolute must there can’t be any other alternative 3.Take MASSIVE ACTION. If you want absolute success immerse yourself! 4.Know what you are getting. Constantly keep track of your results. 5.If it’s not working, CHANGE YOUR APPROACH! If it’s still not working… Change your approach! This simple blue print of rules once embedded in your core can be a powerful tool in creating last change and success in any area of your life! I’d encourage you to read some of the literature that has helped me understand my world better and helped motivate me. From Tony Robbins to Deepak Chopra to I wish you the best successes in life. Yours in Health and Living to your fullest potential, – Dr M.


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