Changing Your Future

Read this quote yesterday and thought this applies to every area of our lives.  What you link pain to and what you link pleasure to shapes your future.  I have seen over and over and over how we stay stuck in our pain of the past.  Like a movie that keeps running over and over in our minds.  We re-think the past and dwell on the events, instead of just forgiving and letting go.  We may not want to forgive but it benefits you not the other person.  And this is all about you, what makes you happy and peaceful in your life.  This is all about you getting what you want out of life instead of just settling for less.

Figuring out how to link incredible pleasure to those tasks you think are difficult such as exercise, cold calling, public speaking, or eating healthier and you will begin to find it easier to get it done each day.  For myself, I have never ever HAD to exercise, nor have I woken up and thought I need to do that today.  Nor have I ever really had to pay attention to what I put into my mouth as far as dietary needs of my body.  So I went out on a limb and took a nutrition class.  Mind you my mom is a wealth of information in this field of nutrition and I could have just asked her.  But I decided to go ahead and take the class thinking it would be easy.  Not so easy, had to learn how to do a food log and keep track of what I ate everyday for 2 months.  In this I began to see huge holes in my nutritional needs of my body and the more I re-trained my brain in eating the better I felt.  I began to prove to myself how good I felt eating or drinking more water every day.  I began to put pleasure into my day doing these activities by enjoying learning and putting into action to see different results.

It took years of never giving it much thought to feeling tons better, clearer thinking and the benefits my body is receiving from all the fruits and vegetables I am now eating. Plus I get to learn how to cook a new way or new recipes.  This is just an example that I have experienced replacing pain with pleasure in my mind.  It is in the action of the change that makes the difference in switching the emotion in your mind.  A key to help you get what you want in your future.

What are some of the experiences of pain and pleasure that have shaped your life?  For some people they have linked pain or pleasure to drugs, for example, has defiantly shaped their future.  Along with the emotions you have learned to associate to cigarettes, drugs, relationships or even your favorite mocha place.  Habits that become addictions because they make you feel good or relieve stress.  Learning new habits to get closer to your goals or dreams can be replaced by unhealthy to healthy.

More to come tomorrow. Enjoy this beautiful day!


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