Is Your Head Filled With Chatter?

Have you ever tried to sell something? For example you just joined a new company and you want to do really well, have your sales explode the first month or maybe today?  You do the trainings, you listen to all the self motivational tapes but when it comes to calling on someone you just stop? Like a deer in the headlights? Uh-oh your big huge fear monkey just attacked and is filling your head up with chatter, excuses of why you can’t do this today and that fear feeling.

There are different levels to this fear of selling that I have experienced myself and have seen first hand in my team.  One level is the belief that you can do this selling and make some money at it.  This is a big one, this is in your mindset and vision for yourself.  You can use the excuse of I don’t know that many people or maybe you have said no one.  Excuse! You have to know someone, and as for not knowing to many people, then get out there and start to talk to people.  Get to know them!! Life is about experience and enjoying others and their stories.  How can you get what you want by staying at home enclosed and confined to your space?

The second big excuse I see is self-worth.  Just because others may have told you  at one point in your life you can not do something or maybe you heard you are worthless doesn’t mean it is true.  That is their opinion and one you do not have to listen to.  You make your own life, you should not let others opinions affect you in such a way to interrupt you from reaching your dreams.   I have seen people get so wrapped up in their own stories from the past, defeat themselves before they even start all because of the past.  Whether they felt they could not disappoint, fail at something, or they have tried it before and didn’t get very far, none of that matters today.  Today is today and you use what the day brings you.  If you begin to look at your day as a day of opportunity, advantages and a new day then that is what you have.  If you choose to look at today as weighed down with past emotion or energy then that is what you will be dealt with all day and maybe even tomorrow.

Begin to shift your mind in a different direction.  Only you can change your mind and change your circumstances.  Honestly,  learn to let go of the negative of the past and start to re-wire your brain in a different more productive way today.  Brush the fear monkey off your shoulder, diving head first into the past to de-code why you can’t do what you want today only makes that fear monkey louder.  It is ok to seek the answers as to why you feel the way you do, but release them as soon as you figure it out.  Don’t dwell on them, learn and say ok, I no longer believe that anymore, this is the new direction and set of beliefs I have now.  Then begin to dwell and focus on your new set of beliefs, the ones that will help you reach your goals and dreams.  The fear monkey will eventually quiet down and become manageable.



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